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CWBY’s New Song “Trapstar” Fuses Genres Together


CWBY’s New Song “Trapstar” Fuses Genres Together

“Trapstar” is the recent release from the talented rapper and singer CWBY. Produced by Plantez, this track is infused with electrifying energy and has a raw appeal that entices the audience. “Trapstar” blends country music with rock and has undertones of hip-hop, to create an instant spark. This wonderful single packs a punch with impressive music and exceptional vocals.

CWBY revealed things that trouble him, through the song. The single talks about his heartbreak, failed relationships, and how his demanding music career hasn’t given him the time that he needs to sustain a long-term relationship. His fast-paced life, which revolves around business and money, has all the glitz and glamour, but no place for love.

He evolved to realize that he is destined to live this kind of life, because therein lies his power, and he will not trade it for anything. The song leaves a lasting impact on the audience and gives them a sense of individuality and personal freedom. Then, the music video is directed by O Soloman and features CWBY in a new look.

The video has a dark setting to resonate with the pain in the lyrics. The smoky backdrop is symbolic of the fire inside him. The video perfectly visualizes how CWBY has sacrificed love to become the king of the world that he’s now trapped in. The new world has fame, wealth, and recognition, but he feels that true love is missing.

“Trapstar” starts with soft overtones and suddenly picks up the beat. CWBY wanted the music video to leave an impression on the audience and he has managed to do that. The music, lyrics, and production are all on point and CWBY has ensured that the track has everything to impress music fans from around the world.

CWBY shows his talent for singing by switching from lower tones to high-pitched notes effortlessly. His expressions perfectly portray an amalgamation of sadness, strength, insightfulness, and passion. The reckless yet controlled acting compliments the mood of the song.

“Trapstar” is a song about being unapologetically honest about one’s dark side. CWBY has bared his emotions in this song that others can relate to. By talking about his failed relationships and downfalls, he has given hope to listeners that no matter how bad a situation is, there is still hope to succeed.

CWBY started his journey as a promoter in an EDM club in Tampa when he was 19 years old. During this time, DJ Plantez offered him the opportunity to be his MC and hype man. The feeling of walking around the stage and hyping the audience had a significant impact on CWBY. He knew then what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

CWBY began mixing music genres like country music, rock, R&B, and hip-hop to create his unique music and his signature style. He released his debut single in March 2020, which instantly received a lot of praise from music fans. There has been no looking back for CWBY ever since. He continues to work hard and persevere to realize his dreams of becoming a successful music artist.

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