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HHV Actress of the Year: Queen Latifah


HHV Actress of the Year: Queen Latifah

Typically, the signs that a star is no longer viable, is when they begin hosting their own talk show. Of course, for reality TV stars, that is also a good sign. But, Queen Latifah found herself being referred to in the past tense, when her talk show was airing.

Following the cancellation, Queen Latifah put herself back in the spotlight, in a major way. To begin 2017, Queen Latifah introduced the character of Carlotta Brown on FOX’s “STAR.” Most of her time was spent looking after Star (Jude DeMorest), but she also found love.

Paired with the pastor, Bobby Harris (Tyrese), Carlotta had a lot of hot scenes. However, it all came to an end, after Bobby’s controversial prayer for Cotton (Amiyah Scott), Carlotta’s transgender daughter. In the time since then, Carlotta has moved on with Maurice (Lance Gross).

After season one of “STAR,” Queen Latifah was a part of history, as she starred in Girls’ Trip. Not only did she have the breakout role, but Queen Latifah produced the movie. Girls Trip, also starring Jada Pinkett Smith, Vivica A. Fox, and Regina Hall, was the first movie produced by black women to gross as much as it did at the box office, definitely showing Queen Latifah was still a viable star.

In addition to Girls’ Trip, Queen Latifah also starred in a Lifetime movie about Flint, where she again brought her A game. It was tough to not crown Taraji P. Henson for a second straight year, but Queen Latifah lived up to her first name, in 2017. Hands down, Queen Latifah is the 2017 Actress of the Year.


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