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4 Reasons to Start Practicing Hip-Hop in College


4 Reasons to Start Practicing Hip-Hop in College

College life is about studying hard, making new friends, and engaging in as many adventures as you can. However, you should never neglect your health. In order to have a balanced life, not only should you eat as healthy as possible, but you should also engage in as much physical activity as you can. Staying in shape is crucial in order to stay on top of your schoolwork and release stress. With so many assignments and duties, you might hesitate to include working out in your life, which is why practicing a sport on a regular basis or even dancing could play a big part in your college life. After intense research into this topic, we found out that hip-hop dance is a cool and fun sport that any student could and should pursue while attending university. Here are the reasons why.

  • Hip-hop increases your dexterity and physical fitness

If you choose to pursue this activity, you’ll soon improve your fitness, such as muscle tone, flexibility, and stamina. It’s important to mention that while in college, we spend most of our time on our computers; as you might know, many students will develop back problems and “computer necks” because of this issue. Therefore, it’s important to release that stress within your body – and guess what? Hip-hop dancing offers exactly what you need. By popping and locking, moonwalking, jumping, spinning, or learning any other type of dance moves, you will develop increased dexterity and looser body parts. The better you’ll feel physically, the better you’ll perform mentally and thus, academically. To find hip hop dance classes near me, run a quick Google search! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  • Hip-hop increases social interaction

You may or may not be shy – in any case, hip hop dance classes will help you interact more and engage in many other activities beyond your field of interest. This will help you understand new and different points of view as you’ll be exposed to a wider range of people from all social backgrounds. “Socialization is an important part of our lives, as it turns us into open-minded individuals, so you’ll get many benefits from starting a constant hip hop practice,” writes Australian professor Jay Remney. Soon you’ll see your communication skills expanding, so you’ll be more prone to making new friends and trying out new activities. 

  • Hip-hop expands motivation and involvement

Like any other type of physical activity, hip hop dance will increase your perseverance and motivation to reach new goals and set new targets. Since dancing can get so creative, your involvement in the arts will also increase – this will let you feel better educated and more inspired. If you are struggling in school (or simply need a boost of energy), dancing is highly encouraged, as it will expand your motivation and help you stay engaged. 

Side note: It’s also important to realize that dancing will give you an opportunity to engage in self-expressive behaviors; finding yourself will, therefore, be easier. You will start developing new passions and digging into the ones you already have. You’ll become more interested in your own self and might even start meditating or practicing custom essay writing on your free time! Nevertheless, your life will change for the better, so don’t think twice before you make this decision – choose hip hop dancing!

  • Hip-hop can help your emotional well-being 

As you develop mental strength and an ability to move more loosely, you’ll soon start feeling more positive in your thinking. There will be fewer thoughts running through your mind as you’ll increase your mental balance and stability. This, in return, will have a useful impact on your emotions and feelings. You will feel more willing to engage in activities you might have never engaged in before. Also, you’ll let go of inhibitions and built more confidence in yourself. As you will learn to control your thoughts and emotions, you’ll develop better energy and will have a higher determination to conquer your goals.

  • Conclusion

Even if hip hop is not the only physical activity you could engage in, it is a pretty cool one after all. Not only will it help your dexterity and psychological well-being, but it will also help you emotionally and socially. Besides that, your motivation will skyrocket, and you’ll feel more involved than ever! Your GPA will therefore raise, and your performance will definitely elevate.


Emma Rundle is a hip-hop dancer and academic professional at UK writing services. Her interests in the arts made her passionate about writing and teaching. Emma’s number one passion is traveling, an activity that she can pursue by working remotely.

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