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5 Benefits of CBD for Aging Dogs


5 Benefits of CBD for Aging Dogs

Has your dog started to exhibit age symptoms? There are several benefits to using CBD in your dog’s health and wellness routine as they age. As pet owners, we can’t help but see our pets as limitless pups who will never grow up.

What Age-Related Symptoms Should I Watch Out For?

As our dogs mature, their bodies start to exhibit the effects of genetic, environmental, and life stresses as well as traumatic experiences. Muscles deteriorate, skin becomes brittle, hair loses some of its luster, and the lungs form scar tissues. Although aging is not an illness, it can have a number of symptoms that are uncomfortable for our dogs and provide problems.

From little to major problems might affect our elderly canines. The majority of elderly dogs have the most mobility issues, musculoskeletal issues, and osteoarthritis to worry about. However, as they age, our dogs might have cognitive problems like memory loss, anxiety, and sadness. Although less frequent, gastrointestinal issues and other illnesses including cancer can occasionally affect elderly dogs.

How can I assist my aging dog?

Whatever difficulties our older dogs encounter, we must keep them as comfortable as we can. We may improve their quality of life by taking care of symptoms and problems as soon as we become aware of them. The chance to preserve and deepen our relationship with our pets as they age also presents itself. They need your love and support the most at this vulnerable time in their lives.

Even little alterations in the surroundings can have a considerable impact on how comfortable a dog with mobility limitations is. To assist your dogs get more traction, you may add rugs and carpets to slick tile, wood, or laminate flooring. This makes it simpler for them to move around and puts less strain on their arthritic joints. By allowing them to walk freely throughout the house, mobility improvements for dogs can boost their sense of security and our relationship with them.

Finally, cannabidiol, often known as CBD, is a substance that may be able to provide a great deal of assistance to an aged dog. One of the numerous active substances found in the cannabis plant is CBD extracted from hemp. The advantages of CBD are still being studied, and it has a variety of qualities that may help dogs deal with the signs of aging and continue to have happy, healthy lives. Additionally, hemp CBD promotes your dogs’ overall wellbeing and general health.

Although CBD comes in numerous forms, the oil that is produced from the cannabis plant serves as the basis for the majority of products. Here are five justifications for giving CBD oil to your aged dog.

5 Arguments in Favor of CBD Oil for Elderly Dogs

1. CBD Can Reduce Inflammation-Related Pain

Many aging dogs have to deal with inflammation-related discomfort and/or pain. The older dog you care about can feel better with the aid of CBD. A natural substitute for the anti-inflammatories that veterinarians typically prescribe for pain and inflammation is CBD oil. Some of these medications have terrible adverse effects on animals. While CBD doesn’t function in the same manner, it could be able to aid with inflammatory symptom reduction.

2. Increased Mobility and Joint Health are Benefits of CBD

Osteoarthritis is frequently the cause of joint difficulties, which continue to be the most common condition for elderly dogs. Mobility issues are also a result of joint problems. There has been a lot of study on how CBD affects dogs with osteoarthritis as a result of this widespread problem with older canines.

One research discovered that CBD greatly lessens the pain that dogs experience from osteoarthritis, while another found that when dogs drank CBD oil, their activity levels increased and their pain levels dramatically decreased. Additionally, CBD was discovered to be a secure therapeutic choice for dogs with joint troubles and movement challenges brought on by osteoarthritis. For increased comfort and activity, a dosing quantity of 2 mg/kg of CBD administered twice a day is advised.

3. CBD Supports Cognitive Function

Aging canines and older people have many characteristics. Like humans, dogs can experience cognitive decline as they age. As a result, they experience senility and dementia-related symptoms that make them feel disoriented and confused. Dogs experience these emotions in a similar way to how humans do. Aging dogs frequently whimper or bark for no apparent reason. Some people even lose themselves in familiar settings. While CBD cannot reverse aging, it can boost brain function, which may help postpone or lessen the symptoms of cognitive decline.

4. The Calming and Relaxing Effects of CBD

In their later years, many dogs experience sadness and anxiety. Sometimes this is due to the cognitive problems we discussed above, but most of the time our furry companions’ altered behavior is brought on by the deterioration of their senses, which makes them feel uneasy. Serotonin, a “feel-good” neurotransmitter, becomes more readily available in the brain as a result of a process that CBD starts. Both people and dogs can benefit from this release in terms of relaxation and serenity.

5. CBD May Help Dogs Suffering from Seizures

For people, CBD is still quite new, and for dogs it is even more so. CBD has only been given medical approval as a therapy for specific kinds of pediatric epilepsy thus far. The AKC has started a study to find out how CBD could affect canine seizure activity because of the promising results of this research. When many dogs may not experience seizures while still puppies, some do as they become older. CBD may help your elderly dog experience fewer seizures and other epileptic occurrences, while the research is still in its early stages.

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