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Stop Borrowing Money From Fofty! 50 Cent Calls Out Jackie Long, adding him to the list that includes Teairra Mari, Randall Emmett, and Young Buck, who will Fofty target next?


Stop Borrowing Money From Fofty! 50 Cent Calls Out Jackie Long, adding him to the list that includes Teairra Mari, Randall Emmett, and Young Buck, who will Fofty target next?

50 Cent is no stranger to Instagram beefs, whether it’s with Teairra Mari or Tekashi 6ix9ine. The latest drama is now with actor Jackie Long. 50 claims that Long owes him money.

50 posted a photo of Long on IG with the caption “This punk ass n*gga @jackielong better give me my money. You on BET now you can have mine on Monday.” Long replied by saying he already gave 50 Cent $250,000. Under 50’s post, Long replied by saying “N*gga I gave you $250k you b*tching about what n*gga?”

50 said that Long owes him interest on the money and that he saved Long. 50 made the claim that Diddy was going to kill him and that he saved his life.

In Long’s own IG post, he put up a photo of 50 with the caption “If you give me my money and I give right back what the f*ck you mad about?” said Long. “Get the f*ck outta here!!!” It’s unclear what the original $250,000 is owed from but more details should be coming to light soon.

Jackie Long is the fourth person, in 2019, that 50 Cent has gone after, for money. Teairra Mari was his first target, after she ended up owing him $30,000 in court fees. Later, 50 Cent aimed at Randall Emmett, one of his producers for one of his shows, demanding $1 million from him, and he’s also demanding $300,000 from Young Buck.

Jackie Long

Monday always seems to be 50 Cent’s cutoff date, as Jackie Long is $250,000 in the hole with Fif. Exactly what deal went wrong for them is unclear, but Jackie Long claims he paid 50 Cent.

Young Buck

Young Buck was one of 50 Cent’s closest associates, until their 2008 falling out. Six years in exile, Young Buck returned to G-Unit in 2014, before falling out in 2017. Back to doing music, independently, 50 Cent is demanding $300,000 from Buck before he lets him out of the G-Unit Records contract. Just a few days ago, 50 pulled his video with a copyright claim, showing he’s not playing about his money.

Randall Emmett

At first, 50 Cent only went after Randall Emmett, over his reality show girlfriend. He said he “loved” Randall, but soon came after him over $1 million. 50 hired Emmett to be the producer for one of his TV projects, but apparently, Randall didn’t come through. A couple of weeks ago, he demanded $1 million from Emmett, but he only paid a portion of it, leading to 50 Cent going on a tirade against him, including this post, in a barrage of offensive IG posts, he demanded until he got his money. A t-shirt line was also created, where 50 Cent claims he made $1 million.

Teairra Mari

Exactly a year ago, today, Teairra Mari suffered the sextape leak that led to her lawsuit. In the lawsuit, she named her boyfriend, Akbar, and 50 Cent for reposting the video. To make a long story short, Teairra Mari lost her case with 50 Cent, and ended up owing him $30,000, which he has demanded, daily, since January, leading to him serving her papers, which she addressed on “The Breakfast Club,” after she started the #IAintGotIt campaign, which 50 Cent trademarked, and now Teairra is off “Love & Hip Hop,” allegedly due to the producers being afraid of what will happen, if 50 Cent’s lawyers get involved.

Who’s next?

50 Cent is no stranger to beef and he has used Instagram as a platform to clown his rivals (2014, Diddy), over the years, but now he’s using the platform to actually get money from people who owe him. Halfway through 2019, he has already targeted Teairra Mari, Young Buck, Randall Emmett, and Jackie Long, so the moral of the story is to not borrow money from “fofty,” but who is next on Fif’s list?

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