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A. Gerard returns with “Skyflower,” his new single


A. Gerard returns with “Skyflower,” his new single

A Gerard returns with his new single Skyflower

A. Gerard brings something a little different to the table. When people think of discovering new music from independent artists, they always think about rap. Very rarely do people actually think about the up-and-coming vocalists. In Eastern North Carolina, A. Gerard is changing the way people think about how they consume independent music.

A. Gerard is a native of Eastern North Carolina. However, his various career paths have taken him all over the state. When A. Gerard was a student, his path took him to Winston-Salem. At the time, he was attending Winston-Salem State University. Not only is Winston-Salem one of North Carolina’s biggest cities, but it is also a major hub for entertainment.

A. Gerard has added a little bit of flair from each North Carolina city into his music. In addition, he has mixed in his own styles, alongside the R&B legends who came before him. As a result, the fans have highly unique music to listen to. Now, A. Gerard has continued his run. Working to break through, he offered his latest single, “Skyflower,” to his dedicated and growing fan base.

A Gerard returns with his new single Skyflower

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