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Cam’ron unleashes takeover with “UNLost Files”


Cam’ron unleashes takeover with “UNLost Files”

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Though a veteran in the game, Cam’ron rarely receives the props many would expect a fourteen year rap veteran would receive. Cam’ron has put a lot of years into the rap game and has met a lot of success, but he never quite had the spotlight on his own. After a few years of releasing music on his own, Cam’ron and his entire movement signed to the already-established Roc-A-Fella Records, led by Jay-Z.

Under the Roc, Cam’ron released his third album, Come Home With Me, which remains his lone platinum release. A behind the scenes feud with Jay-Z, which had lasted for nearly a decade then, comes to the surface and Cam’ron was soon a free agent. Riding the wave of his previous success, Cam’ron quickly established a new deal for his label. However, Cam’ron was still unable to truly gain the spotlight, despite openly feuding with Jay-Z.

Since 2006, Cam’ron has released one studio album. The most news Cam’ron has made, until recently, came with his own personal issues. At one point, Cam’ron decided to go “missing,” which led to the “where’s Cam’ron” campaign. Cam’ron has been back for five years, but there has not been much out of the leader of the Diplomats. Aside from mixtape tracks and tracks with Vado, Cam’ron has not released much new music and continues to bask in the background.

The background has done well for Cam’ron thus far, however. Cam’ron is the man behind the success of Dipset and has made a few millions, but his dream of becoming a rap star did not pan out the way he hoped. Establishing his dream of immense wealth, Cam’ron announced, a month ago, he would be releasing a new song every day for thirty days, with the exception of weekends. So far, Cam’ron has released three weeks worth of material and has had songs featured on other releases. Following years of being a background player, Cam’ron now has a reason to be in the spotlight every day, as a new song has been released.

No rapper is releasing music as consistently as Cam’ron during this period of time and the official download of the UNLost Files will be available at the end of this week.

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