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CZ Babyy talks Baltimore rap, new single “On Yew,” female rappers, and more | HHV On The Rise Exclusive Interview
CZ Babyy interview with On The Rise


CZ Babyy talks Baltimore rap, new single “On Yew,” female rappers, and more | HHV On The Rise Exclusive Interview

CZ Babyy interview with On The RiseCZ Babyy talks being a female rapper in Baltimore

CZ Babyy is one of the new faces beginning to have a presence in the game. In Baltimore, CZ Babyy is not a new face. However, CZ Babyy is a face that people in Baltimore city are used to seeing. Even in Baltimore County, CZ Babyy is making a lot of noise.

CZ Babyy originally wanted to be a radio personality. Her goal was to be seen and heard throughout the entire DMV Area. As an artist, CZ Babyy has the chance to be seen and heard by the whole world. To that end, CZ Babyy is working every minute of every day to make that happen.

CZ Babyy recently took the time to speak to In her On The Rise interview, CZ Babyy spoke on bringing attention to the Baltimore hip hop scene. With that being said, CZ Babyy gave her take on the women dominating hip hop. In addition, she discussed her single, “On Yew.”

CZ Babyy talks being a female rapper in Baltimore

Read the entire interview below:


What good CZ Babyy? You represent Baltimore. To be honest B-More has not had a strong hip hop presence. What are you doing to change that? I’m just stepping on necks, killing every beat to be honest! (Lol) It’s time for the world to catch up and see all the talent Baltimore has.

You have a team that goes hard for you and pushes your music heavy. Why is it so vital to have a dedicated team to make it in music? If you really want to make an impact you can’t do it alone. When you have a team it definitely makes things a little easier and alleviates extra pressure. Having a team behind you, also helps motivate you on those days you might not feel up to it. They show up for me so I have to show up for them. Shout out to my team!

CZ Babyy talks “On Yew” and her stage name:

The new single, “On Yew,” is dope. It’s definitely different. Would you say this is the lead single that kicked off your 2022? Absolutely! On Yew gives more of a NOLA bounce vibe. I’m more so known for going hard on beats, bar after bar, but On Yew is like a party record and I wanted to give a fun summer vibe.
Where did the name CZ Babyy come from? Fun fact, prior to becoming an artist, I wanted to be a radio personality, and I was going to go by Chelcia Zahnae. Once my music career started I took the c and the z and added the baby to make it fun! Don’t forget the two “y’s” (lol).

CZ Babyy talks Baltimore rap and career goals:

We have a current surge of female rappers right now, never like before. Even in Baltimore, you have Rican Da Menace who is on the rise and signed a new deal. Why you think the females are getting huge support right now? Times are changing and the music industry has always been very male dominated. It’s about that time for that female presence. We are just as talented, just as gifted, just as everything! We run the world.
What’s your goals as far as the business to stay independent or do a major label deal? My goal is to stay independent until I get signed by a major label that I see fit. I enjoy being an independent artist but it does help to have a major label backing you
What’s next up as far as new music and more? Well, I’m already working on my next project, CZ merch is in the works, and I have some special content dropping soon that will really show another side of who CZ is. I’m super excited for what’s next so be on the lookout!

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