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Four Simple Steps for Choosing a Water Pipe


Four Simple Steps for Choosing a Water Pipe

What aspects matter the most when making a bong purchase decision?

#1 Quality and durability: Make your choice based on whether you plan to share your bong with others or use it mostly for yourself.

#2 Cleaning and maintenance: Some bongs are simpler to maintain than others. Consider how much upkeep you want to put on your pipe.

#3 Filtration and percolation: When selecting a top-notch water pipe, good filtration is crucial. You want to spend a lot of money here.

#4 Dry Cannabis or Concentrate: While there are good crossings for dual usage termed “dual function water pipes,” the size and form of bongs itself dictate whether they are better for dry herb or concentrates in addition to different attachments.


Quality plus toughness

You are aware that high-quality items are not inexpensive, but don’t confuse cost with value. We’ll share some of the indicators you may use to identify high-quality bongs with you. The thickness of the glass in a water pipe is the best determinant of quality. This is not the time to get something with delicate, detailed detailing; instead, you need something that can withstand a serious blow and endure being repeatedly knocked over. Look for bongs that are labelled with extra-thick glass or glass that was created in America. You can use these for a lot longer.

Since you’re seeking for glass, you should also check for borosilicate glass bongs. This sort of glass is the best available for smoking since it is premium, entirely non-toxic, and exceptionally strong (i.e. the perfect thing to smoke from).

You may have now noticed several pricier bongs with elaborate embellishments. Are these pipes damaged? Never at all.

You may even want to test out a silicone water pipe if you’re someone who is always on the run or regularly backpacks. All you need is to bring a glass nail around with you to wrap up these silicone pipes. You only need to add water and the herb to get started.

Finally, we want to underline that size is irrelevant when it comes to quality. Although you may have heard of those 6-foot-tall bongs, we’d love to see someone use and maintain one on a daily basis. Size is more of a personal preference dependent on your requirement for mobility and length of inhalation; bigger does not necessarily equate to better hits. You may choose the size of a quality bong that will fit in your apartment or home because they come in all different sizes.


Take a great picture of your bong when you first get it since it won’t last long. Naturally, ash and other stains from the smoke accumulate in bongs over time. A bong can be kept clean with an ash collector, but water pipes will inevitably accumulate filth on the interior, necessitating regular cleaning. You shouldn’t be breathing this stuff in! You must understand that certain bongs are much simpler to clean than others since cleanliness is important and you must clean your bong frequently. Straight tube bongs, for instance, are easy to clean; a quick rinse and wipe down with a sponge should remove any muck. To make sure you’re conserving as much marijuana as you can and extending the life of your pipe, check out our guide to bong cleaning.

Percolation Plus Filtration

For the more seasoned smokers out there, percolators are the first thing you look at when purchasing a new bong since they can transform a decent bong into a superb one. Forget about size or thick glass; percs are what really turn regular smoke into mouthwateringly smooth hits. There are so many different varieties of percs, and some bongs even have many mixes for added flavor. To acquire fantastic smoke, you might get a bong known as a recycler. These function by causing and preventing the passage of smoke through several chambers, lengthening the distance it must cover before reaching your mouth. This assists in cooling hot smoke so that it doesn’t enter your lungs.

Remember that you can always add some last-minute accessories to your bong, even if it has few or no percolators. An ice pick, for example, is a terrific addition to assist chill your smoke. You can find bongs with built-in ice catchers in the neck, or you can buy one to add to your bong. Just throw in a few ice cubes just before smoking to get some wonderful, cool hits. Finally, do you still recall the ashcatchers we suggested? They not only aid in preventing ash buildup in your pipe, but they also assist in filtering your smoke.

Pro tip: dab rigs don’t require much percolation, as we’ll discuss in more detail below; percs are probably more appropriate for larger bongs made expressly for dry cannabis.

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