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Has Maybach Music Group replaced Slip-N-Slide Records?


Has Maybach Music Group replaced Slip-N-Slide Records?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before the 1990s, the only time Miami ever had much of an impact on the rap game was during Uncle Luke’s run with the 2 Live Crew. Their run went well into the 1990s, but there was no record label for the masses. Ted Lucas established Slip-N-Slide Records in 1994 in order to solve this problem.

The newly-established Slip-N-Slide Records would sign Trick Daddy, a local Miami rapper who had worked with the 2 Live Crew. As a solo artist, under Slip-N-Slide, Trick Daddy would reach new heights. For years, Trick Daddy was known as a local artist, but he would soon find himself on the roster of Atlantic Records.

Not only did Trick Daddy sign to Atlantic Records, he became a star, earning Slip-N-Slide a spot with the company. Following Trick Daddy would come female Miami rapper, Trina, who had just as much energy as Trick Daddy. Aside from their mainstream success, the label was primarily known for developing local Miami rappers.

Rick Ross would sign to the label in the early 2000s and began releasing a series of mixtapes. Soon, Rick Ross would become a legend in Miami, with popular songs on the radio and being featured on Trick Daddy and Trina’s albums. In 2005, Rick Ross caught the attention of many major labels. Irv Gotti and Jay-Z expressed interest in signing Rick Ross to their respective labels, with Rick Ross having the opportunity to be the first artist on the proposed Murder Inc. South. In the end, Rick Ross signed with Def Jam.

Success would continue for Rick Ross, who made a smooth transition from the local level to the national level. Rick Ross’ first three albums would be released with Slip-N-Slide and Def Jam, however Rick Ross became interested in having a label of his own during this time. Early in 2009, Rick Ross established Maybach Music Group and he soon began signing local Miami artists to the label. But, with Rick Ross only being a minor big name, himself, the label was not well-known outside of Miami.

More exposure would come, as Rick Ross quickly turned himself into one of the biggest rappers in the game. Now, Maybach Music Group is one of the hottest record labels in the game. Maybach Music Group has taken pages from Slip-N-Slide’s playbook, providing an outlet for the Miami artists, while signing artists in other areas. The difference is, Maybach Music continues to push new music, where Slip-N-Slide Records would not release music every year. Also, Maybach Music Group markets all their mixtapes on a national level.

Everything Slip-N-Slide Records was to the game, Maybach Music Group has become. Slip-N-Slide used to be home to the heart of the Miami hip hop scene, led by Trick Daddy. Maybach Music Group is home to the heart of the Miami hip hop scene, led by Rick Ross, who has stepped into the role of Miami’s new focal point, following a short run by Plies. Slip-N-Slide used to be considered the hottest Miami-based record label in the game. Maybach Music Group is considered the hottest record label in the game, period.

The goals Ted Lucas set for Slip-N-Slide Records in 1994 have been reached and exceeded, but by the artist he signed in 2002, who happened to blow up and then create his own label. Still, Slip-N-Slide Records will always hold a special place in the history of hip hop.

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