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How To Express Yourself Using Jewelry


How To Express Yourself Using Jewelry

The kind of jewelry you wear is no longer all about status, but it’s also about self-expression. As much as you can express your own style and feelings onto your clothes, you can also do the same with jewelry. 


Thus, the type, color, or style of jewelry you wear can say a lot about you, and it can also be used as an avenue to show more of yourself.


Here are some ways on how you can express yourself using jewelry:


  1. There’s A Theme


Each kind of jewelry has a theme or a character to it. The type or design of jewelry you’ll wear will connotate a certain kind of trait, personality, or character. 


These are just some examples:


  •  Glamour


If you want to go for a glamorous look with a nice gown, you might want to pair it with diamonds and white gold. Diamonds and white gold gives a more classy and glamorous fee as compared to others. 


You can check out for some of these pieces of jewelry.



  • Romantic



If you’re going for romance and love, you can start with necklaces with a heart pendant. Bracelets or rings that are rose gold also connotates this theme. Rings will also give the same kind of trait.


  •  Joy


If you’re a playful or cheerful person, you can also express this through your jewelry. Having high spirits, the best kind of jewelry to compliment your personality are those with flowers or leaves. You can also pick dangling earrings to go with it.


  •  Mood


You can also style your jewelry depending on your mood. If you’re feeling a bit more confident and bold, you can wear necklaces with spikes. On the other hand, if you’re feeling a bit daintier, you can go with pearl earrings. If you’re feeling a bit more bright, you can choose to wear jewelry that has bright colors.


  1. There’s A Story Behind Your Jewelry


One way you can express yourself using jewelry is wearing jewelry that has a story behind it. Jewelry is something that’s usually passed on from generation to generation. That kind of jewelry tells a very interesting story about the family who owned it. On top of that, it’s also a gift during special events. So, the jewelry you wear might also have a story or history behind it.


Thus, if you want to express yourself and give a glimpse into the kind of person you are, you can start wearing heirloom jewelry. This gives you an opportunity to tell others the story behind it.


On the other hand, if you want to express that you’re engaged, you can also wear an engagement ring. If you’re married, a wedding ring will tell everyone that already. 


  1. You Can Customize Jewelry


What’s so interesting about jewelry is that you can customize and personalize it according to your taste and style. There are jewelry artisans who can create jewelry based on your specifications and design. By doing this, you’re reflecting your inner being to jewelry. Moreover, it’s easier to customize as compared to shoes or bags.


Some kinds of customized jewelry are necklaces with the specific stones that you choose. Another popular way people customize jewelry is by getting a locket and having it engraved. For a group of friends, you can also get charm bracelets or necklaces that are uniform within your group to express your friendship.


  1. Accentuate and Completes Your Outfit


The type of jewelry you wear complements the kind of style of your outfit. As much as you can dress up, you can also do the same with jewelry. There are sets of jewelry that’ll also go with your outfit.


For instance, if you are a bit gothic, then wearing chokers or black bracelets will complement your outfit and allow you to express yourself, too. On the other hand, if you want to look a bit bolder, you can add ear cuffs on your ears.


  1. Brings Out Culture


You can also present your culture to others through jewelry; depending on how your jewelry is made or used, it can tell a lot about you and your culture. For example, the length of your neck also shows how beautiful you are in Africa. To do this, Africans usually put multiple golden rings on their necks.




Now, you can see how you can express yourself and how jewelry reflects the kind of person you are. By following these tips, you can choose jewelry designs that’ll show others how you’re feeling or what you like. But, as a general rule, you do whatever feels comfortable. It’s your body, and you have to wear jewelry for yourself and not others.


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