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Hugh Lee talks “Hedi Slimane” success, “The Younger I Get” mixtape, “Cabrini” project getting 500,000 streams, Autism Awareness, and more | HHV On The Rise
Hugh Lee


Hugh Lee talks “Hedi Slimane” success, “The Younger I Get” mixtape, “Cabrini” project getting 500,000 streams, Autism Awareness, and more | HHV On The Rise

Hugh LeeThe Midwest sometimes almost seems like a forgotten region of hip hop, despite the most-talented people coming from the area. A rapper currently blowing up, Hugh Lee, represents the Midwest. He is from Chicago, with ties to many other cities, in the region.

Hugh Lee isn’t like most rappers, as he spent time working as a therapist. The rising rapper definitely has interests in the special needs, as he has his Libras Never Lie foundation. There, he works with the autistic children and is active in promoting Autism Awareness.

Recently, Hugh Lee spoke to, for an On The Rise interview. The discussion saw him speak on his music, which is definitely seeing a huge increase in interest, lately. Aside from that, Hugh Lee also spoke on the passions closest to his heart, which includes the Special Olympics.

Read the entire interview below:

Right now, you’re blowing up, in the game, how does that feel?

It feels pretty good! We just hit #14 in the UK which I thought wouldn’t happen for a while or once I took a deal. To be able to do this without a label is incredible for me. Maybe I’ll sign and try to level up and take some of the weight off of me now or maybe I’ll stay independent who knows but it feels great

Can you tell us more about your “Hedi Slimane” single?

Well the song itself is about a shootout I was in when I was 13, but I masked it really well to sound like a song about sex. I like the creative director “head shot” double entendres so I named it after a famous one. Sly bars like “I turn a room to a lagoon” “or I take her womb straight to the moon” does sound like sex but it’s more vicious than that. I always say if I’m on demon time it’s sinister not sexual.

With 500,000 streams, and counting, over three months, would you consider Cabrini a successful mixtape?

I do. But I didn’t care about the numbers so much. That’s why it was a mixtape. With an album you HAVE to care about that stuff. I j just wanted to get my story out so I could sleep (haha). My music it’s like my diary or journal or whatever. So when I’m making it i feel like I’m confessing it repenting or something. This next mixtape The Younger I Get is the same way. It drops late July, or early August.

When people think Chicago, they think Kanye West, do you see yourself building a multi-billion dollar industry, as he has done?

Nah. It sounds good in theory, but I don’t want the problems that come with that. I can live off eight figures. So, definitely, multimillion, but the B? The b bites back!

What are some businesses that you’re interested in?

Honestly, just whatever I’m into. I don’t like making money just to make money. I want it to be something I enjoy. I joke with my team about once I’m done and old I’ll be owning a little AMC theater where i work part time because I love movies so much.

You also have your foundation, Libras Never Lie, can you elaborate on your support of Autism Awareness and your commitment to the Special Olympics?

Well, I really was prepared to host the Olympics this year in Indy (Indianapolis), but COVID made them a little wary and they wanted to do it virtual with the exception of the contestants. They aren’t even having a host or performers. At least that’s what they told me (laughs). I love the field, psychology. I used to work as a BI, BT, Aba therapist. People in the field know what I mean. I just loved what I do. If I didn’t do music I’d still be there for sure. So I make sure I build that up and provide services indirectly through the company and people who work for me

Where can fans find you on social media? @whoishughlee

Watch “Hedi Slimane” by Hugh Lee below:

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