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Is Tyler, the Creator the new Eminem?


Is Tyler, the Creator the new Eminem?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last month, Donald Trump made the statement about Mac Miller being the next Eminem. While some pundits took offense, Mac Miller laughed it off. Skin color is the only thing Eminem and newcomer Mac Miller have in common.

Early in his career, Eminem was known for making dark music. Following a battle with drugs, among other things, Eminem changed his music. His last album, Recovery, was Eminem’s positive turn. But, he still gets dark from time-to-time.

Tyler, the Creator has been making music for some time. But, he did not truly enter stardom until earlier this year. His single, “Yonkers,” has built a cult following over the past few months. With Eminem now making positive music, Tyler, the Creator has filled the void of hip hop’s dark rapper.

Growing up, Tyler, the Creator looked up to Eminem for inspiration. Recently, the two rappers met while overseas. Fans are hoping for a collaboration between the two artists, as Eminem has collaborated with a number of newcomers. But, for the most part, Eminem is making more Recovery-style music and the dark market has been filled by Tyler, the Creator. With Tyler, the Creator emerging, is he, instead of Mac Miller, the next Eminem, style-wise?

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