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Need to Get your Hands on Discounted Tickets for an Upcoming Sporting Event or Concert? Then This Article is For You!


Need to Get your Hands on Discounted Tickets for an Upcoming Sporting Event or Concert? Then This Article is For You!

While life has its way of complicating things, it can often be kind. Despite the daily stresses we encounter, there are some delicacies out there that we can savor from time to time, reminding us that life is beautiful. Going to an event you enjoy is one of those rare joys we get to experience. It can be going to the stadium to cheer for your favorite team and support the game you’ve grown to love. Or it can be going to a concert to watch your favorite musicians perform, which is truly the experience of a lifetime. While those events are the pinnacle of entertainment, they can be costly. So, what can you do? You need to get your hands on discounted tickets, and here’s how you can do that. 

Get a credit card

Yes, the general consensus is that credit cards are a bad thing –– and they are if you don’t have self-restraint –– but they can really be helpful if you want to score discounted tickets. A lot of providers make offers for credit cardholders to get concert and sporting event tickets at discounted prices. For instance, Ticketmaster offers pretty awesome rates for holders of Chase, Citibank, and American Express cards, so it’s definitely something you need to consider. 

Know where to look

A big part of finding a discounted price on a ticket for a concert, play, or sports events is knowing where to look. Rates vary from one vendor to another, and you can rest assured that the differences count, especially for regular buyers. If you know where to look, you’ll find great websites offering the best price for Tickets with no fees, so they’re basically doing that service for free. They’ll give you access to some pretty hard to find tickets that come with excellent discounts, and you will also get all sorts of payment options depending on your preference. 

Become a member of a fan club or a patron  

Over the past few years, the way we consume entertainment has changed. In this day and age, you’ll find bands with Patreon accounts, supported by legions of fans across the world. Those fans get discounted tickets for events and a host of other features. You might want to consider joining such a fan club to get exclusive discounts and a lot of extra perks like backstage passes and a chance to meet with your favorite stars. 

Consider season tickets 

Yes, it’s a lot of money to pay at once, and it can take a toll on your finances for a month or two, but the outcome is definitely worth it. Whether it is season tickets to watch your favorite team play live or for the opera, you’ll get the ticket for a much better price than if you bought individual ones around the year. So, invest in this one-time purchase, and save yourself a lot of money around the year. 

It is definitely worth it to go through all this trouble to find tickets to attend concerts and sporting events that you care about. Where would we be without our favorite artists and athletes? They give us joy and hope when we lack both, and the least we could do is go see them live. 

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