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Nocturnal drops the visual for new single “Surrender”


Nocturnal drops the visual for new single “Surrender”

Nocturnal is an artist to be on the lookout for.

Nocturnal has been dropping musical bombs since 2018. “Surrender” is his latest single and he’s dropped the music video. Nocturnal is about to continue that legacy of quality, impassioned rap music for the masses.

Nocturnal is from New Haven, CT. He is a part of the influential group, MGang. On “Surrender,” Nocturnal is not raising the flag of truce. Instead, Nocturnal is leading a new wave over the Hip Hop world. As a result, Nocturnal flips the switch in both style and content.

Nocturnal has dedicated his career to a friend that is dearly departed. So Nocturnal is staying true to his promise that music become the flame that sparks his life. In turn, Nocturnal’s songs are his therapy, as well as his gift to his adoring public. Nocturnal amassed close to 50k monthly listeners on Spotify alone with his previous releases. Now, “Surrender” is setting the tone further as to what audiences can expect from him. The video, directed by Jace Elliott, will only build on the success he already has.

Nocturnal described himself as, “A lyricist with a lot of pain, vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity in his music.” As Nocturnal takes his lead from Tupac, Eminem, Jay-Z, J. Cole and Kanye West, he is no imitation of his peers. Instead, Nocturnal creates his own rules and lyrical flows. He seeks the hidden truths of today’s world complete with catchy hooks and melodies. “Surrender” draws on all those elements and builds a visual narrative full of religious iconography that sits comfortably alongside his message.

Nocturnal plans on releasing more music, including an upcoming project called She Needs Me. Currently, Nocturnal is in LA. While fans eagerly await what’s next, “Surrender” has arrived to hold audiences over.

Nocturnal is an artist to be on the lookout for

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