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Respect the DJ: DJ Tay Don’t Play


Respect the DJ: DJ Tay Don’t Play

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One thing can be guaranteed, after picking up a DJ Tay Don’t Play mixtape, one will never think of the phrase “SpazOut” the same. DJ Tay Don’t Play has turned “SpazOut” into a bankable brand as his popularity in Michigan has spread like wildfire throughout Atlanta and now into Miami. DJ Tay Don’t Play has deep affiliations with SODMG and Maybach Music.

Originally from Lansing, Michigan, DJ Tay Don’t Play made a name for himself on the turntables and soon began booking himself. This strong sense of hustle has done well for the rising DJ. The work ethic of DJ Tay Don’t Play has turned him into a mixtape king, as he has done mixtapes with artists from his own local area, to North Carolina, New York, and Louisiana. With several classic mixtapes under his belt, and being sold in stores, the sky is the limit for DJ Tay Don’t Play.

In addition to his merchandising, DJ Tay Don’t Play has his own internet radio station SpazOut Radio and is using his brand as a vehicle for independent artists to gain exposure and also another outlet for major artists. DJ Tay Don’t Play is among the most-connected DJs in the game, as he has done work for SODMG, Maybach Music, and BMF.

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