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Robin Thicke shares how he overcame depression in intimate show in LA


Robin Thicke shares how he overcame depression in intimate show in LA

Robin Thicke on how he overcame depression in intimate LA show

Robin Thicke’s private residency was sent to a few industry friends and family in LA, throughout the month. Every Thursday evening, Verse LA hosted Thicke, as he serenaded the stage. It was one of the most intimate nights that we have had the privilege of experiencing this year. The event was powered by D’Ussé and Thicke’s PR and management team. It was evident while being escorted to our assigned seats that we were in for a treat.

Robin Thicke‘s band, The Evolution, warmed up the night with sounds from the saxophone, keys, bass guitar, and drums. Meanwhile, the audience quietly chatted and placed orders with stylish waiters. If you have found yourself agreeing with the rumors that R&B is dead, we have news for you, it’s not. Thicke teased the audience with flirty dance moves, enticing energy, and an incredible salient voice.

Robin Thicke, a Gold and Platinum selling recording artist, injected an undeniable statement that R&B is indeed alive and well. Officially stepping foot into his third consecutive decade in the music industry, Mr. Thicke delivered sultry, soulful sounds with the help of his band, The Evolution. Together, they electrified Thursday night’s vibes. Thicke delivered many fan favorites throughout the evening such as “Lost Without U,” “Magic,” and his infamous 2013 hit, “Blurred Lines.”

Thicke opens up on the loss of his father, his marriage, and his manager:

Robin Thicke shared personal stories of incredible losses that he’s experienced in a short span of time. He acknowledged his father, the late actor Mr. Alan Thicke; His longtime manager Jordan Feldstein, and his ex-wife Paula Patton. As a result, it grew more personal. Robin shared how, at a point in his life, he realized that not even a therapist could save him from the severe pain that he was experiencing. In addition, Thicke was losing his faith in God during those trying times. However, he began to emphasize the urge to find hope as the talented songwriter neared the keyboard and sang the first song that he wrote after his father’s passing. The encouragement to continue pressing forward during hard times no matter how difficult it seems was deeply felt. Thicke reiterated his understanding of how extremely painful losses can be.

Robin Thicke eventually faded into a lighter mood when The Evolution began to play a familiar tune that was none other than the late icon known as Prince. The crowd went wild (myself included)! When Robin Thicke played Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” The multi-talented artist truly brought the house down, as he smeared his passion and brilliant gift in music across the stage with The Evolution to back him up at Verse LA. Thursday nights will never be the same, as Robin Thicke validated an irresistibly joyous night.

Robin Thicke on how he overcame depression in intimate LA show

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