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Spyder and Des: A Brooklyn Black Ink love story
Spyder and Des


Spyder and Des: A Brooklyn Black Ink love story

Spyder and Des: A Brooklyn Black Ink love story

Bringing the boastful Black Ink and captivating content to your screens is none other than Brooklyn Black Ink star, Spyder alongside his wonderful wife Des! In fact, Spyder is best known as one of the most talented and skilled tattoo artists on VH1’s Black Ink Crew. As a result, the trendy and talented tattoo artist is expanding his horizons with an all-new podcast called Ink & Out.

Ink & Out Podcast powered by Brooklyn’s Black Ink Crew, Spyder

Sticking to his greatest skill set of tattooing and creating engaging conversations, Spyder is changing the game with his new and innovative interviews. At the start of 2023’s second quarter, Spyder began tattooing some of his favorite people while interviewing them about their lives. Kicking off the popular podcast right, Spyder sits with Math Hoffa to talk Importance of charity, giving back, positivity, relationships and more. At the end of the exclusive session, following captivating conversations, Math Hoffa heads home with hot new ink on his hand!

Additionally, Spyder sets the tone with a sneak peak of a specific special guest on his socials for his new praised project. In doing so, he unveils uncuts of none other than his Black Ink Crew colleague, Caeser Emanuel. In the short snippet we catch the two trendy tattoo artists talking about their humble beginnings. Despite the difficult start, Caeser got it done. Since, he has gone on to successfully establish a tattoo empire with shops across the country. 

For his recent release, Spyder taps in with Treach of Naughty by Nature for a 3-part episode. Throughout the clips, Hip-Hop heavyweight and lyrical lyricist, Treach chops it up with the BK Black Ink vet while getting a chest piece tattooed inspired by legendary Hip-Hop hitmaker, Biz Markie. While doing so, the two discuss everything from Treach meeting and touring with Queen Latifah, Tupac, and signing to Flavor Unit to the journey, Jersey, and his Hip-Hop history. The 3-part, 8-minute episode delves deep into Treach’s captivating career while Spyder talks talent. Taking talent and tattoos to new heights, this season’s special guests set to show up and show out include Math Hoffa and Young Joc, in addition to Caeser to name a few. 

The Masters of managing marriage, media, and more!

Furthermore, when it comes to a healthy work-life balance… that is something that we are all looking for. However, for celebrity couples, the border between their personal and professional life becomes blurred considering that they work together, voluntarily. But not for Black Ink Crew’s very own, Spyder and Des. In fact, these two trailblazing talents are talented enough on their own. But, when their artistic abilities are combined, they become a powerful force within entertainment. Never too far behind, Des has been a pivotal piece in tending to the artistic and political parts of their thriving careers.

This celebrity couple has not only mastered getting to the bag together, but staying happily married while doing so. Since stepping into the spotlight, both Spyder and Des have used their passions and platforms to push positive narratives. In addition to putting their fun fundamentals and creative couple goals to good use throughout their careers. 

Spyder and Des set the stardom bar high!

Overall, Spyder and Des are not only bringing a Brooklyn Love story to a screen near you…but, their powerful yet personal and professional partnership in life, art, fashion, beauty, business and more, motivates the masses. The dynamic duo went from pursuing their passions in the projects, to skyrocketing to stardom. Becoming one of the most inspirational influencers and trending topics. 

Don’t believe me? Step into the Hip-HopVibe hot seat where we sit with some of the hottest and trendiest talent in the industry. Especially in the heart of Hip-Hop. Most recently, the Ink & Out influencer and Big Brother of Black Ink Crew Brooklyn, Spyder steps into seat alongside wife, business partner, Black Ink Crew Brooklyn’s very own, Des. The Brooklyn-bred creative couple talks the beginning, Black Ink Crew, building businesses and brands, and more! Keep scrolling to check it out below. Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comment! 

Spyder and Des stop by to bring the Brooklyn Black Ink vibes and much more!


  • Hey Spyder and Des! It’s an absolute honor to be speaking with you today! I’m super excited to jump right into our interview for Hip-HopVibe today! Before we get into all things Black Ink, your artistry, tattoos and more. Let’s bring it back to the beginning for the both of you! 

Spyder:Okay, well, let’s go in chronological order then. First and foremost, we met 21 years ago in Brooklyn. It’s a Brooklyn love story. You know, I’ve been tattooing now for about 10- 11 years and she’s always supported me when I started with the whole tattooing endeavor you know, what I mean?

Des: Using me as a Billboard lol. I only need like 27 cover ups. Lol.

  • Oh that’s artistically amazing! You’re his personal muse. What about them makes you want to cover them up?

Des: Well when Spyder first started out you know, I believed in him because Spyder he conquers everything. I believe in everything that he does. So when he first started you know he needed people to practice on and it was only me to use as a billboard and I was okay with it. You know why? Because at first, I was like I’m getting free tattoos you know? But, as the time goes on, and his skill started to enhance it was like, Okay, this little circle got to come off. This star — uh uhh we have to cover this up.

The artistry

  • What’s your creative processing like?

“Oh, man. My creative process definitely depends on what it is. I like to sit down with the piece for as much time as I can. In addition to talking to the client and really understand what it is that they want to see on that body part that they want to do. I don’t want to know what they think could be done or what they might, I want to know what they want. So I like that first challenge of bringing their ideas to life completely. Then also what I like to do is take a picture of the area where the tattoo is and I will do something that I do with them call a digital consultation. Where I’m able to after I create my design, put it on the picture on the iPad, send it to them in a text and they see they see the tattoo on their body already.

Des: New technology!

Spyder: So they be like, “Yo, spider that’s dope or “Spyder, that’s fire but I want to change this,” or “Yeah, nah that’s not it.” You get what I’m saying? Even when we understand the ballgame, how things are going to go down before we even get to the shop. Then when we get to the shop we’re tweaking things. Making sure that it’s 100% and ready to go for that day.”

  • How would you describe your personal artistic style?

“As far as my style, my style is bold. BIG! In your face. With everything but subtle at the same time if that makes sense.”


  • Do you have a formal art background or are self-taught through raw talent?

“Both. Yeah, I’ve been drawing since I can remember. At my mother’s table drawing the fruit basket. Honestly anything I’ve seen. Feel me? That’s how I got her. I drew a portrait of her. Des: I still remember that portrait. I wish I would’ve brought it for you guys to see it.”

  • When did you realize you wanted to be a tattoo artist and what was the first tattoo you did? 

“When I first realized I wanted to be a tattoo artists, is when I noticed that you have free range to do whatever you wanted to do. Not so much whatever but as far as artistically, you have more freedom. Because before I became a tattoo artist, I was making a transition from being a fashion designer. You know, I mean, which I still am. And also like, just being in the streets, you know what I mean? I knew one thing that I couldn’t wake up at a certain time to get to work. Although I still have 1000 schedules and agendas now, I wanted to be able to have a little more freedom, because at the end, everybody has a boss, right. But I just wanted to have a little more freedom with what I did. So once I noticed that and it was tattooing plus, I drew, I was an artist, most of my life, you know what I’m saying? Once I seen that, I was like, “What people are going to pay me to draw on them?” This is the best. You feel what I’m saying? It doesn’t even feel like working so I feel like I’m getting over my clients sometimes.”

  • How would you say your passion for the art of tattooing, pushed you into your proud passion of fashion?

“Thank you. I mean, I think it’s all the same thing. I think art is the fashion and the fashion is the art. Our trends and art tries to interpret life sometimes, but life does the same thing with art. Something starts off with an inspiration. Nothing is just like a thought out of thin air. It is an inspiration inspired by thing, place, or person. So my art and my love for fashion go hand in hand. Like I said, I’ve been drawing since I was I can’t even remember. And, you know, my dad was a tailor. My dad was a world class tailor — top tier. So just that alone, I felt like it was just in my DNA. I’ve just been cultivating it since then, over the years.”

  • Could you further elaborate on your clothing brand and the inspiration behind you fashion designs, and everything in between?

“Yeah, yeah, of course. I mean, it’s called Branded Content NYC. It’ staple logo of the brand is the chameleon. I mean, like I got one right here. I don’t know if you guys can see that. But it’s a chameleon. This is actually one branded content this year. It’s a very nice embroidery with a nice suede pocket. It’s a top tier street luxury brand. I didn’t mention that Branded Content NYC is a street luxury brand. Which means it is made in the streets, by the streets, for the streets.

Des: It’s also unisex. Yeah, it’s definitely unisex! I wear our pieces often. We got a lot of women that wear the brand.

Spyder: I mean a lot of them both. If you go on the page, which is for everybody watching this video, you see that it says unisex made for all chameleon kind. Not for men or women but for all chameleon kind.But the chameleon is basically the staple. And it is just what it sounds like, you know, adapting to situations as they come. Because you can’t treat one thing like another: Life doesn’t have a guide to it like, “Yo when this happens in life, you do this and when you meet this person you do that”, you know what I mean? Life isn’t like that. So you got to be able to adapt on the fly.

And just like the chameleon, sometimes you want to stand out or you want to just blend in the background. You dig what I’m saying? So yeah,the brand is based on that and the different images. So each piece as far as my sweaters tells a story. Like I got one of them that is called “Stripper Wars”. And there’s a woman on the back, holding her breasts with a Boba Fett helmet with a whole bunch of other stuff going on. You know what I mean? That’s one of the big sellers. Then we got the Coke Classic and we got the Hood Disney joint which is like the Disney castle with a couple of projects, Marci projects to be exact with the Freedom Tower with a rainbow going over just like the Disney Castle because the Hood could be a magical place too, you know?

So yeah, it’s a lot of things, man. So yeah, we got shirts, hats, bags, shorts. We also got some velour suits and tracksuits coming out soon. A lot of dope stuff and the quality is A1. It’s impeccable. But yeah, that’s one of our babies. I love her. Everything is sold out right now but we’re gonna be restocking a lot of products soon. I think some stuff is sold out. Yeah, we’re gonna be restocking a lot of stuff soon.”

  • Surrounded by all of this well deserved great fortune and your newfound success, how would you say you’re handling it and remaining focused? 

Des: God first.

Spyder: Yeah, for sure. I mean, I don’t know. I think we handled it well. And like Des said, God. God first. Family second. Everything else after you know what I mean? And prayers are definitely important. I’m just preparing for each level as it comes. Nothing is perfect. Nothing. Nothing is perfect at all. And you’re not gonna come into no entertainment business without struggle because it’s a maze. It’s a gauntlet. Nobody tells you things like that off the RIP. And you know it’s like a learn as you go kind of thing. But you know, like she said, once you got God and you got family, you got a dope supporting cast you just learn as you go on the fly.


  • Many may know you both from Black Ink, how would you say perfecting your profession on a public platform like reality tv could be challenging? 

Spyder: I think that beyond just perfecting things for reality TV or any platform. I believe that everybody should have perfect things for their life period. You know what I mean?

Des: Right! Staying positive.

Spyder: So we don’t let TV and entertainment and everything dictate our life. Our life dictates the TV. You get what I’m saying? So that’s why we ain’t got no pressure. You know, I mean, to be this person or to be that person. We are living our life. A lot of things and a lot of people don’t know that a lot of the stuff now that I will say a tremendous amount. Probably 90% of the things that happened on Black Ink are accurate. It’s real shit going on. This isn’t script writing and and stuff like that. So when I got diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia on TV, that wasn’t a joke. That wasn’t like a scripted thing. That was real life, and I was real life getting diagnosed on national TV.

Des: That was real for us. We let y’all in to our reality.

Spyder: Also, my first pop up shop too, that was a real thing. Everything with my daughter and us, those are real things. I can’t speak for everything and everyone but those are real things for us for sure. But we just continue to go as things go about. Taking everything as we go — step by step.”

  • Spyder, this is for you. You have a dope podcast called Ink & Out Podcast, could you tell us more about it? 

  • Des, what tip would you tell young women aspiring to be in this male dominated industry although women are shattering the glass ceiling? 

Des: “The only thing I’ll say is like, mainly be yourself. You know, don’t allow your voice to go unheard. Because your opinion matters. I would say that you know, this is a man’s world but they ain’t — without us. And that’s on period! But overall, you have to speak up most definitely.”

  • Additionally, with that being said, in a male dominated industry, how important is women empowerment to you? 

Des: “It is very important to me because you know, it just helped develop a healthier development stronger, you know, and anything that you do. It just put me at my full potential and it allows me to have more control of my life and everything that I’ve got going on.”


  • Furthermore, as a celebrity couple, who we’ve witnessed thug it out through and through with love and loyalty. What would you tell other married couples who are in the spotlight struggling to not let the outside world affect their reality? 

Des: “You start to feel unsettled. I would say just like I said before, just be real to yourself.

Spyder: No, listen, I’m grateful. You know, me, I’m super grateful for for everything. You know, I mean, the good and the bad, because that’s life, right? It’s never up and it’s never down. You know, I mean, I’m grateful. So I don’t take anything beside my life and my family serious. I won’t say serious alone, but that’s the priority. So if I feel like I’m doing a great job as a husband, and a great job as a dad, and a great job, as you know, one of the leaders of this household and everything. As long as I’m doing that, then whatever translates after that is gonna look amazing on TV, or in life or anything.

Des: Des: KEEP YOUR BUSINESS OFF THE MEDIA TOO! Family, friends, coworkers — everybody!

Spyder: Right. I don’t care. We could have just had one of the biggest arguments ever. Once the camera go on its like, “Hey, what’s up?”But you know, it is what it is. And it’s just like I said, at the end of the day it’s being true to yourself, being true to your relationship, being true to your family and your goals.

Des: And life goes on.

Spyder: Word. It’s all about a goal. It starts with a goal. So if you’re being true to your goal, and you follow in the path to your goal, and what you feel is going to make you happy in your life, then go for it. Do that.

Des: Go for it! Say that.

Spyder: Remember, you don’t need validation, when you can validate yourself. So be you.”

  • As art professionals/creatives, what advice could you give to others about the field?

Man. I talk about it all day. That’s all I talk about. If I ain’t talking about Black Ink or my family, then I’m talking about the sink & Out podcast. Let me tell you girl, I mean, we’ve been working on it for months now. Me and my whole team — shout out to my whole team. We have been working so hard, around the clock. We just dropped the first episode yesterday. Oh fire! What did you think? Oh man I’m so happy! I’m so happy you got to watch it thank you so much. So yeah, I just dropped the first episode with a very special special guest, the homie Math Hoffa. Which if you seen it, it’s a dope one. This is a great one you know. Math Hoffa is always a good time man. You never know what it is he is going so say. Love that dude! Excellent, excellent first episode. The next episode is going to be even more dope.

Des: It gets greater!

Spyder: You know every episode is so unique in its own way because everybody has their own story. They have their own things, in their own way, and their own ways that they react to getting a tattoo you get what I’m saying? So the next episode is going to be the homie Treach from Naughty by Nature. You know he got stories.

Des: Treach is a big deal okay! He’s great at like, oh my god everything. And Ken Starr, he’s soo funny!

Spyder: Oh yeah, his professionalism and everything is just A1. And he’s super tatted. So we got Math Hoffa, we got Treach and we got Young Joc on one.

Spyder: Later towards the season we even have the one and only legendary pioneer himself Cesar from Black Ink.

Des: The biggest!!!

Spyder: Feel me? So that’s going to be a big one. That’s going to be a big day where he’s talking about everything! So that was dope man. Im just happy though because I have been having so much anxiety putting this thing together and then you sit there and you just sit down and just wait for the reaction of the people. It’s y’all that we do it for, that we made this for to be a part of. I really appreciate that you enjoyed it!”

  • However, going beyond whom you’ve inked and your acclaimed achievements, what do you hope people take away from your work? 

Des: It’s all about finding your niche.

Spyder: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s that’s the fact — finding your niche. Your niche starts with what you’re interested in. Like what excites you? You have to ask yourself, what is it that you like to do? what excites you what makes you happy? You know what I mean? Like if getting up every day and interviewing people and things like that is something that makes you smile and makes you feel like you’ve accomplished a huge part of a life goal then that’s what you aim for. That’s what you go for. You know what I mean? And then you do it your way. You do it the way that you like. you add your style because guess what? Let me tell you something everybody makes mac and cheese but everybody doesn’t make it the same.

Des: Hello!

Spyder: Get what I’m saying? If it’s something that you love and that you’re interested in, make it yours.”

What’s next?

  • As we wrap up and are eager to know more, what’s next for you both? 

Des: “Honestly, everything. We just go with the flow, you know, and whatever’s next honestly. 

Spyder: As far as she goes, What’s next for Des is “Made to Matte”. Her lipstick line. 

Des: Yeah, you guys I’m working on my lipstick brand right now. Hopefully by next year it should be ready to do. Right now, it’s still in development. So we are going to cross our fingers on that “Made to Matte”. 

Spyder: But the good thing about it is and what I tell her is because we’ve learned a lot of things together. Because she went to school for business but I didn’t go to school for business and certain things. I don’t think that no business school can show you and prepare you for everything. as being an entrepreneur.

Des: Word, because I have learned so much since I finished college from when I was attending.

Spyder: Experience is always the best thing. You know, I tell people it’s like, you know, in school, they give you a lesson and a test in school. But, in the real world you are tested by lessons.

Des: Hands On!

Spyder: So it’s all about going on a fly and everything. But yeah, it’s a dope brand. She got it on now and you see, it looks beautiful. It looks beautiful.

Des: I will definitely keep you guys updated.

Spyder: So yeah, she has that. We have a lot of other things going on, besides you know, Branded Content NYC and besides the Ink & Out podcast, we have a seamoss company. We are currently taking it to the next level as far as like Amazon, and things like that. So we are just figuring out the logistics but yeah, we got that 92 Blessings. So 92 Blessings, that’s on the way. I plan on writing a couple more books this year. I don’t know if you were aware but I wrote a couple of books last year. One was “Not So Itsy Bitsy Spyder”, which can be purchased on Amazon. And the other one, well, both can be purchased on Amazon. The other one is “Dear, Tattoo Apprentice”. That’s a book for people that may want to get into tattoo or may not want to get into tattooing. But in the book, I’m going to tell you everything that you need to do. Feels: It’s a straight up guideline. If it’s an idea, how to find a mentor, what to do in the meantime…

Des: straight to the point.

Spyder: it touches on why tattooing is for you and why tattoo isn’t for you. You know, I mean? Because I’m gonna tell you why that isn’t for you as well. It’s a lot of stuff and then it’s a straight read. The “Not so Itsy Bitsy Spyder” is self explanatory. I mean, you know, I’ve lost so much weight over time. And that’s when we go back to when you say getting into something, and that’s why I got into 92 blessings. Later, 92 blessings became a thing because that became important in our life. Especially me. I was almost 400 pounds, you know what I mean? At one point, so I got into something that I’ve really loved and cared about and had a lot of knowledge about. So I was halfway through all I had to learn was the business of it now at that point. But yeah, with that it led me to 92 Blessings and then we got a lot of different over things going on.

Des: Then you got me. I’m the key component of operations. Nah, forreal, there’s a lot of great things.

Spyder: Yeah, we look forward to it.

Des: We really just go with the flow.

Spyder: You know what? We are so happy and grateful for what we have now and what’s going on… It’s like anything else we are like wow. A few years ago we was in the projects you know, what I mean? So in order to be here now and to have these opportunities and being able to have the chance for people like yourself to even want to speak to us is amazing. To God be all the glory.”

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

Des: “Do you. Don’t let nobody take you away from what you got going on. Believe in yourself and just surround yourself around outgoing and positive people. Because those are also going to be the people who’s going to uplift you and pray for you. Right?

Spyder: Right. Absolutely. Yeah, I mean, I’m gonna say keep keep being great, man. Keep tuning in. Keep believing in yourself. Don’t let nobody tell you what you can’t do. If you believe you can do it then 9 out of 10 times you can. I ain’t going to say 10 out of 10, I’m gonna say nine out of 10 you can. Be logical. Don’t be in your 30s and your 40s talking about you want to go into the NBA because you see LeBron James. You have to be true to yourself! Lol you got to know what you want to do. Everything starts with a goal. It starts with a goal. That’s first and foremost, that it starts with a goal. Just keep being you and being great. Keep God first and you can’t lose man.”

Spyder and Des: A Brooklyn Black Ink love story

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