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String Instruments 101: Must-watch Video Tutorials on YouTube

You may be someone who dreams to learn to play the string instrument. Apart from the most common instrument which is the guitar, you have other options such as violins, violas, or cellos. However, aside from creating a budget to buy the instrument and its accessories, you may have to enroll yourself in classes which can be quite expensive on your end. 

Thanks to some generous video bloggers who aren’t hesitant about sharing their knowledge, tutorials for string instruments can now be easily found on YouTube. We have listed here some violin and viola tutorials you may want to watch on YouTube for you to learn to play the instrument. 

  1. How to Hold the Violin & Bow by the Online Piano & Violin Tutor

The Online Piano & Violin Tutor is being managed by Alison Sparrow – a professional musician and teacher based in the United Kingdom. Her video “How to Hold the Violin” is the first lesson in her series of violin lessons. According to her, the most important thing in holding a bow is to bend your fingers to help you freely move the bow while playing. She started uploading violin and piano tutorials on Youtube in September 2011 and has now 494K subscribers. Apart from the video tutorials, she also uploads easy music sheets and product reviews that could guide you in buying the best instrument. 

  1. Violin Lesson #1 – The Very Basics by Make Love with Music

Dylan Renner, the owner of Make Love with Music has been playing the violin for almost 20 years. His very first video “Violin Lesson #1” uploaded in 2011 has earned 1M views and is continually being watched by many subscribers, especially those who dream to learn how to play the violin. After being inactive on Youtube, he promised his viewers to post more videos to educate and motivate aspiring musicians. One tip he shares is to start practicing the songs that you love so that you’ll be able to enjoy the progress regardless of the mistakes being made while playing. 

  1. Instrument: Viola by Philharmonia Orchestra in London, UK

For people who desire to learn how to play violas, this may be one of the best video tutorials for it. Demonstrated by Nicholas Bootiman, this tutorial will first help you identify the difference between a violin and a viola, which is a great reference for beginners. While he may mention viola terms, he clearly explains and plays samples for viewers to understand it better. The Philharmonia Orchestra, founded in 1945, started uploading helpful resources on Youtube in 2006. With 83.4K subscribers, their channel already earned 21M views with consistent hundreds to thousands of viewers per post. Aside from the viola, they also make demonstrations on other instruments such as the violin and cello. 

  1. Viola Beginner Routine Part 1 by Strings University

Another fun tutorial video is from Strings University which begins with how to hold the viola and the accessories needed before starting to play the viola. Violin teacher Rodney, gives detailed step-by-step instruction for their viewers that is also perfect for kids who want to learn the instrument. And for their viewers not to get overloaded with information, they often divide each tutorial into parts. Their Youtube channel which started in 2015 has now gained a total of 200K views. 

There are many ways to learn and grow in your love for music. Whether you want to create a new hobby or dream to become a professional musician someday, resources that are readily available on the internet can help you learn how to play the string instruments. And when you have finally mastered the basics, you can now learn the advanced lessons and pass onto others your learnings as well.  

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