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T.I. and the Grand Hustle


T.I. and the Grand Hustle

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It was very easy to doubt T.I., a few months ago. But, T.I. has showed both rappers and businessmen how to pull off a comeback. Not even six months ago, T.I. was still in prison, informing fans he would soon be free. Doubt came because T.I. was serving his second prison stint in as many years. In the middle of his comeback effort, T.I. seemingly blew everything, but as he pointed out, the road to redemption has no GPS.

Even T.I. could not be upset with the things being said about him, as he brought it all down on himself. This time around, he vowed to make things better and had things set up for him to take off when he saw his prison time end. Despite the minor issue over the tour bus, T.I. managed to make believers out of his biggest antagonists. His comeback has been one everyone can buy into.

T.I. hit the game hard, forcing himself back into the spotlight. The Atlanta rapper did not hide his intentions, adding verses to the hottest songs on the radio. A few of this songs, Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Niggas in Paris,” and Future’s “Magic,” led to T.I. being credited on the official remix. While building his own buzz back, making appearances on a number of songs, including Young Jeezy’s “F.A.M.E.,” T.I. was not satisfied with the state of Atlanta hip hop. Once the hottest hip hop scene, the area was lacking, as Miami’s hip hop scene took over and New York, along with Los Angeles experienced a resurgence.

Not only has T.I. appeared on songs with numerous veterans, current chart-toppers, and rising newcomers, he has also been establishing several business deals. Just yesterday, T.I. added Trae tha Truth to his Grand Hustle roster. T.I. has poured much of his energy into his label, as he is preparing for B.o.B.’s album release and he has Young Dro on the mixtape scene. Another project T.I. was heavily involved in is the debut album of Iggy Azalea, as he is the executive producer. However, earlier today, it was announced that she would now be the newest artist to sign to Grand Hustle.

Quietly, T.I. pushed himself back into the forefront of the game. While Rick Ross and Lil Wayne are releasing many of the most-popular songs of the current time, T.I. is also keeping himself out there. T.I. teamed up with VH1 to show a softer side of himself, with his show, “The Family Hustle.” The tough-talking T.I. is fondly called “pop” by his children and he is often teaching his young sons lessons about life. When T.I. is not in scenes with his family, he is with his team, working to re-establish the position he lost in the game, with his 2009 prison stint, which continued well into 2011, following the second arrest.

T.I. has proven himself as one of the elite rappers in the game and also as an astute businessman. First, he gained the title of executive producer of Iggy Azalea’s album and he now boasts her on the Grand Hustle roster. In addition to adding Iggy, T.I. now boasts the buzzing Trae tha Truth, and can only be considering more artists to add to the label. Linking with VH1 was another smart move, for T.I., as he will have media coverage, once a week, regardless. Now, T.I. is one of the top rappers and one of the biggest stars in primetime on cable television.

Right now, things are looking up for T.I., as he has proven to have “the Grand Hustle.”

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