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What to expect from Maybach Music Group in 2012


What to expect from Maybach Music Group in 2012

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Rick Ross has gotten used to turning the impossible into reality, as the only thing more improbable than him becoming one of hip hop’s leading men was him also having one of hip hop’s most-popular rap crews to go along with the title. Every year, Rick Ross adds something new to his arsenal and it amazes his fans. In 2009, he rose to the top of the game, but still found himself coming second to Lil Wayne.

As 2011 came to a close, Rick Ross said he would claim his rightful spot at the top of the game, as he has several projects on the way. Not only has Rick Ross proven himself as a hitmaker, his team is full of hitmakers. The stars on the Maybach Music Group roster consist of artists who had previous record deals, but did not achieve much success. Wale had big expectations in 2009, when he released his debut album, but was soon forgotten after the low record sales. Meek Mill was signed to Grand Hustle, but failed to build major buzz.

However, upon taking their talents to South Beach, Wale closed 2011 as one of the most-promising rappers in the game. Meanwhile, Meek Mill has broken records for mixtape rappers, as he is one of the biggest names in hip hop and his mixtape singles dominate the charts. Despite things not coming together as expected for MMG in 2011, they still managed to solidify themselves as the top hip hop crew. Young Money also had a successful year, but Maybach Music quickly emerged from their shadows and earned their own spot in the game. Had things gone the way Ross intended, Maybach Music would be much bigger than it currently is, but loss serves only to motivate the boss.

In 2010, Rick Ross attempted to sign Wiz Khalifa, who instead opted to sign with Atlantic Records, as they were more-established than the boutique label run by Ross. After being turned down by Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross announced his renewed focus on developing talent for his label and began recruiting Wale. The year of 2010 was rough for Wale, who was released from Interscope Records. Early in 2011, Wale signed with Rick Ross’ label, along with Meek Mill. Hitting the ground running, a bidding war began over Maybach Music, with Rick Ross choosing to enter a partnership with Warner Bros. Records. Despite the success which followed in 2011, Rick Ross missed out on signing French Montana.

If history continues to serve itself correctly, this will serve as more ammunition for Rick Ross. Already, Maybach Music is dominating the music scene, with Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin'” becoming one of the most-popular songs of 2012. Wale also promised to deliver his third album in 2012, filled with more hit singles, to take the load off Rick Ross. Meek Mill, who has dominated the mixtape scene, will be taking his act pro, as he prepares to release his debut album. Meanwhile, the MMG Uncut mixtape is coming, which will be followed by Self Made, Vol. 2, and Rick Ross still has his God Forgives, I Don’t album in the works.

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