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Women of the Culture-Honoring; Coco Jones, Valeisha Butterfield- Jones, Lauren Lake and more


Women of the Culture-Honoring; Coco Jones, Valeisha Butterfield- Jones, Lauren Lake and more

The Cî Agency held an astonishing event in Hollywood, California with an amazing array of Black women in Music, Entertainment, and Spirits. Cierra Brooks is known for her hustle in entertainment and health and fitness regime that inspires many women through her social presence. Cierra Brooks made her way to L.A. to make a mark and she did. The Women of the Culture-Honoring; honored eleven trailblazing women in their respective industries.

Women of the Culture presented by The Cî Agency honored eleven incredible women who are making waves in their fields. The event was held on March 27th at Soho Warehouse in L.A. to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of Coco Jones, Valeisha Butterfield-Jones, KJ Smith, Lauren Lake, Erin Harris, Arnica V, Marilyn Van Alysten, Kristi Kenderson, Tomkea Kolleh, Melissa Harvey, and Janay Coplon. Every honoree has made significant contributions to their respective industries and is an established trailblazer for women everywhere.

Coco Jones is a talented singer and actress who has been recognized for her work in music and film, while Valeisha has been a leader in music, tech, and her social impact. KJ Smith is an accomplished actress who has starred in several hit TV shows, and Lauren Lake is a renowned attorney and legal expert who has been featured on numerous national TVprograms. Arnicia V is a culture shifter in the industry while Marilyn Van Alysten is a respected executive and leader in the field of spirits and HR. Kristi Henderson is a healthcare innovator and advocates for women’s health, and Tomeka Kolleh is a successful marketer in music and spirits. Melissa Harvey is a successful entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the event planning space while Janay Coplon is a tv/film producer who has produced major shows and movies. Finally, Erin Harris is a marketing executive in the spirits and entertainment industry who works with major brands and people. The Cî Agency is a boutique talent and brand management agency, founded by Cierra Brooks, that specializes in management, marketing, consulting, public relations, brand strategy, and partnerships that focus on finding the void to bring visions to life. Women of the Culture was an inspiring and empowering celebration of eleven incredible women that featured a variety of special guests with a performance by Jordan Simone.

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