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Would Ma$e be a good fit on Maybach Music?


Would Ma$e be a good fit on Maybach Music?

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Doing the impossible has become “the norm” for Rick Ross, as his own run as the most-popular rapper in the game was considered highly-unlikely not too long ago. Not only did Rick Ross establish himself as a bankable star in the rap game, he also provided an outlet for other long-shots. Now, such artists as Wale, initially a socially-conscious rapper from DC, and Meek Mill, a street rapper from Philadelphia, are two of the biggest artists in the game.

Rick Ross has always had the confidence and he has always boasted about being able to do certain things, backing them up by actually doing them. Since the photograph of Rick Ross spending time in the studio with Omarion, Ma$e, and others surfaced, there have been rumors of the two former stars signing with Maybach Music. Much like other movements, Maybach Music has taken over the game and stars of years past are flocking there in hopes of reviving their career.

A few years ago, Omarion signed with Young Money, only to leave when Bow Wow signed to parent-label, Cash Money Records. Omarion eventually established a deal with EMI and is now presumably headed to Maybach Music. But, things have been much more complex for Ma$e, as he enjoyed a nice run as the most-popular rapper in the game, he has sold millions of records, and he gave it all up. Giving up his status in the rap game is one thing, but Ma$e gave it up to be a pastor.

Signed to Bad Boy Records in 1996, Puff Daddy (Diddy) turned Ma$e into a household name long before the release of his debut album, placing him on remixes to many hit Bad Boy singles. When The Notorious B.I.G. died, Ma$e was thrown into the spotlight, becoming the most-popular rapper in the game. Harlem finally had a representative in the mainstream, but in the middle of the promotion for his sophomore album, Ma$e revealed he was retiring from the rap game because he had given his life to the Lord, becoming a pastor. Relocating to Atlanta, Ma$e pastored a church for five years before returning to rap in 2004 as a clean rapper.

Only one year after the comeback, Ma$e began spending time with 50 Cent and tried to sign with G-Unit, returning to his “gangsta” roots, and readopting his moniker Murda Ma$e, dissing Fabolous and Loon. In the end, Ma$e did not join G-Unit, but he appeared on a number of their mixtapes and sided with G-Unit in their feud with Cam’ron. Soon, Ma$e revealed he had stopped preaching and was back to rapping full-time, costing him credibility points with many. Now, Ma$e has returned and is rumored to join Maybach Music, which has had issues with G-Unit in the past, in the eyes of many, another weak move from Ma$e.

Unlike the other artists signed to Maybach Music, Ma$e was on top of the game, but gave it up for ministry, only to give it up to return to Bad Boy, only to give up Bad Boy for G-Unit, only to ditch G-Unit when their popularity waned. However, Ma$e has remained one of the most-entertaining rappers in the game, but will he be a good fit for Maybach Music?

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