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Zen City delivers their new trendy single, “Waiting”


Zen City delivers their new trendy single, “Waiting”

Zen City returns with Waiting as their newest single

It’s no surprise that the best music takes you on a journey through the vehicle of an artist’s voice. Having said that, Zen City, a new-age R&B raved group, makes relevant tracks that take you through familiar tales while describing every detail of your surroundings. In fact, the dynamic duo recently released their hot hit “Waiting.” The trailblazing talents talk about not wanting to be kept awake all night waiting for their leading ladies’ love. The dynamic duo harmonize so seamlessly on the hook that the combination of the sound and their cadence holds the listener prisoner. Additionally, the gentlemen are seen serenading their girlfriends while enjoying time together in the video. In doing so, they express why they are unable to keep them waiting.

The sizzling single rose to notoriety in the aughts for its emotive era with Usher, Mario, and Omarion. While incorporating Gospel trap elements. Their distinct sound and melancholy tone express a yearning for more. While they’re still in their early stages, they’re already a force to be reckoned with thanks to their melodic flows and soulful vocal range. Zen City definitely pulls inspiration from previous legends while being true to their own uniqueness.

Zen City returns with Waiting as their newest single

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