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3Peat: Prominent producer of 3PEAT Production Inc. | HHV On the Rise News


3Peat: Prominent producer of 3PEAT Production Inc. | HHV On the Rise News

3Peat: prominent producer of 3PEAT Production Inc. | HHV On the Rise News

3Peat, the producer, entrepreneur, and engineer always seems to appear in threes. Whether it’s his career, family life, or music. The music mogul serves as a business owner and father. Since the start, he has always been passionate about making it in music, and with 3PEAT Production Inc., he is well on his way to becoming the country’s top promising producer. When speaking on the significance behind his stage name, 3Peat went on to say:

“3-Peat is a concept in sports that’s three consecutive championships, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do with music,” says George. “The first step was to get out of the hood, from cockroaches to comfort. I then became a business owner and trader, which helped me become financially free. Next, I will get three platinum plaques on music.”

Built for greatness, 3Peat is all too experienced with turning hard work into success. While living in the ghetto of Toronto in the 90s, music was his first taste of creativity. In doing so, it inspired him to become a seven-figure business owner in order to construct a life centered on his one and only passion – music.

“Music has gotten me through some of the toughest times, and it was my first taste of creation. I started in my teenage years, freestyling with my people in Scarborough while hanging out in front of our buildings in the neighborhood. One would rap and sing, and the other person would beat box something for them to go over,” he says. “We did the best with what we had, and I soon started recording people in a home made booth in my mom’s house. We made some awesome music that’s still catchy and hits to this day. It was this that inspired me to become an entrepreneur and make some money and build up the capital, and then what I truly wanted to create after – music.”

3Peat Productions Rapidly Rises to Success

In fact, at the age of 37, his production business 3PEAT is poised to become his next major success. His music has already garnered the attention of multi-platinum producer Steve Migliore in the United States, who is currently representing 3PEAT for jobs in music, television, and cinema. Remaining a force to be reckoned with, 3PEAT recently inked a deal with WHO?MAG Distribution, an imprint of SONY/The Orchard, while continuing to collaborate with a number of high-profile artists in his hometown and abroad. As a result, he  provided production, recording, mixing, and mastering to Toronto artists in R&B, Pop, and Rap.

However, the principle of 3PEAT “runs deeper” than its exterior achievements. As babies, his two kids would sleep on his lap as he composed music. Their surnames all finish in “P,” hence the three P’s. 3PEAT is also a play on words for REPEAT, which he thinks will happen if he can touch people’s hearts and make them feel the music that moves the masses.



“It’s a constant reminder, embedded in my name, and the goal is to get my music on repeat…” 

His first company’s success stems from aiming to inspire people and earn a living, his second business in music stems from a meaningful purpose. As a self-taught music prod

ucer and engineer, 3Peat has always wanted to get back into music and become a full-stack producer. His musical process starts with the artist’s aim in mind before creating a soundscape that puts their thoughts into the physical reality via a song.

“I have the understanding that you hear music with your ears, but you actually consume it with your heart. I’ve always focused on how the music feels versus how it sounds, and I think that’s allowed me to create such unique sounds that gets artists excited. I think music heals all, and I want to combine my work ethic with my passion for music to help change more lives, and help them feel something through music. Your ears are the vehicle, but the heart is the destination.”

Music contains theory and mechanics, but the most important element, according to 3Peat, is to have an ear, passion, and the desire to produce something that touches people. Since a teen, he has dabbled with music as a pastime and a business.but wasn’t until recent years that he decided to pursue his passion for music and production professionally. He began to seriously consider making it his next career step, first by constructing a studio and investing over $200K in sound and equipment.

Investing in his craft and the industry, 3Peat aims to receive 3 platinum plaques to start. One for himself and two in honor of his two young sons who inspired him to get back into doing what he loves with music. He also looks forward to collaborating with artists in the USA while earning placements for his production. Proof that good things do indeed come in threes – 3PEAT appears to be just the start of his journey. Don’t believe me? We had the chance to chop it up with the emerging engineer and popular producer here at Take a look at our in depth interview to learn all things 3Peat and more!

3Peat Sits Down With HHV

  • Hey 3 Peat! It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you! Let’s get right into all things 3 Peat! For new fans tuning in, tell us who 3 Peat is and where it all began for you?

I grew up in Scarborough, a lower income neighborhood in Toronto – Canada. I was in my early
teenage years when hip hop was just exploding onto the mainstream in the mid 90s. The sound
was so urban, it was so raw and it was the first time I’ve heard music that I could deeply relate
to. It talked about the kind of problems we were really experiencing at the time with my group of
friends in our neighborhood. It wasn’t long before we all started taking turns rapping, beat boxing and just exploring the sound. It started to get serious for me a few years later when I decided this is what I wanted to do with my life – a career in music. My friend Allen started a label, and we started really focusing on crafting a sound and recording an album with a few artists. Sadly, my friend Allen passed away in a very tragic car accident. All the motion we had going stopped in an instant. It was heartbreaking. Since that day in 2003, I took a VERY long break from making music, but listened to it daily. I knew I would come back, when the time was right. It ended up being a long time though. In 2021, fueled by COVID boredom, I downloaded FL Studio and tried to make a beat the night before Christmas. I haven’t stopped since. I’ve made 700 beats and spent over 3,500 hours. I went all in.
3PEAT has three meanings. The first, I produced with my toddler sons falling asleep in my
arms while I was playing the piano. All our last names end in a P, so there are three Ps (my two
songs and I). I do everything for them. The second meaning is the play on winning three
championships in a row. I made it out of a dark place in my neighborhood, started a successful
business and will now do the same with production. Which is three championships in my life.
Lastly, it’s a play on the word repeat, which is ultimately the kind of music I aspire to make –
something that you will make you say whoa, I gotta run that back.

  • As a producer you have a magical musical ear and can feel the melodies within your bones. With that being said, what does Music mean to you and was there ever a time it saved your life?

Oh wow, you have no idea how deep that question touched me Minnee. You weren’t kidding
when you said we’re gonna get right into it haha. Music was my first love. It was the first time I felt even a glimpse of hope that I would create a better life for myself and my family. My friend Allen invested all of his money into starting a studio and label in Scarborough in his early 20s. He believed in me alot. We worked at the same store together and he would pick me up and we would drive to work every day. One day, I lied to him and told him I was sick. I really just wanted to spend some time at home in my head, making music alone. That was the day he got into the fatal car accident on the way home. The crazy part is our mutual friend ended up driving with him, and he too passed away a year later. I would for sure have been in the car with him that day. So music quite literally saved my life. But it’s also tragic he lost his. To this day it really hurts to talk about this to be honest, but I believe in being vulnerable and honest. Just love your friends. Everyone, be there for them. Things really can change in a split second. Rest in paradise to Allen. The best part about music is that it can help save someone’s life. We make it to express ourselves, but music with meaning is really a precious thing.

The Artistry

  • What’s your creative process like when producing and engineering?

The most beautiful thing about expressing yourself creatively, is that it’s different every time.
Most of the time however, when I’m producing by myself I will start the process very
mechanically. I’ll start building a melody on the piano and it sounds basic, boring and average
to me. Then there comes a moment, it might be a note, a certain instrument… it makes you feel
something. Then BOOM, it’s magic. It’s sudden. From that moment on, once you start to feel it,
everything seems to come to you exactly when you need it, effortlessly. I call it channeling a
higher power. Some of my best production seems to have just “hit me” out of nowhere. I love
that feeling so much. The best things I’ve produced I can honestly say I felt like I was a
messenger of, as opposed to a creator.

When I’m producing for an artist’s project and helping them bring their vision to life, it’s a lot easier, because they often come with a vision. I spend a good amount of time getting them to speak their vision to me. I need to feel it to create it. What is the story? What do you want to make someone feel? How do you feel? Sometimes we end up talking about the exact feeling we are trying to create, for a longer time than it actually takes to produce the beat. But when you have purpose and clarity, the work part is the easy part. If it’s forced, it has no feeling. When I’m tracking artists and engineering, I just make sure their levels are clean and I’m listening for anything that sticks out. I’m very involved in that process. I’ll suggest lyrics,
changes to the flow, and anything that helps us get the best project out. Being honest and
upfront has always been a core value for me.


  • As a self taught star, what equipment and/or software did you use to create your first beat?

My first beat was made in the back of grade 7 or 8 science class, banging on the table with my first for the kick drum and the pencil as the snare. You can do soooo much with just regular everyday sounds. But for my first actual beat that I produced, I used Fruity Loops 4 or 5, it may even have been 6.It was so long ago. Right now that DAW (production software) is called FL studio and we are on version 21 lol. So yeah, it’s been a long time since that first beat. I love FL Studio for producing mainly because of its nostalgia to be honest. It just reminds me of the journey and where I started. For engineering I love Cubase, and sometimes will do a melody on Ableton as well. Just use whatever you like and you’re comfortable with.
  • Who would you credit as your influences when it comes to producers and engineers? 

My production and music inspiration all started in the mid 90s to early 2000’s. The producers of
that era were insane. J Dilla, Alchemist, Pete Rock, Dr Dre and Scott Stoch, DJ Quik, Q-Tip.
And of course, Timbaland, his drum patterns and swing are out of this world. There are so many amazing engineers today, and what they do is special. I give them all love to be honest, it’s an underappreciated role I think. But my biggest influence in engineering has to be Jesse Yonge, who is an engineer in Toronto that inspired me to get started with music again. And another one is Owen Puckett, also from Toronto, who has just believed in me and supported me unconditionally.

  • What are your must haves in the studio  to use when creating a hit? 

I have quite a collection of hardware in my studio. But a lot of the must-haves are inside my computer. I love the Kontakt instrument library, all of the products from Spectrasonics are must haves also – Omnisphere, Keyscape and Trilian. Basically any library of high quality sampled
instruments is super valuable. In terms of equipment, it’s really nice to have a MIDI keyboard to play those virtual sounds. Also I wouldn’t say it’s a must, but having some vintage synthesizers can really help bring the vibe out on any production. For me, the only real must have is good energy in the room. If the vibrations are positive, it’ll be a productive session one way or another. I can work around most other issues with creative solutions.

The Purpose

  • Not only establishing yourself as a staple in the industry, you’re leaving your legacy with 3 Peat Production Inc., could you elaborate more on the business and its inspiration?

I remember when I was younger, everyone in the clubs was moving. Guys were jumping, girls were dancing, we would leave the club drenched in sweat (laughs). It was a vibe that’s hard to describe – but damn it felt so good. Also when a new album would come out, we would literally sit there and listen to it. It wasn’t background noise while working out, or playing in the car while you’re trying to talk to someone. It was THE event. Music was the main course, not just an appetizer for everyone to pick at once or twice lol. I say all this because my entire inspiration for this business is to make people feel something. I want people to dance, to move, to have a good time. At this particular moment we are the most connected socially, but it’s all technological. We are the most physically and socially disconnected than I can ever remember. We can change that with music. I want people to hear the music with their hearts and not their ears, I want music to be a connector, a healer, to inspire others to pursue their dreams, to bring together beautiful people into beautiful experiences. Feeling is how we know we are alive. That’s the gift that I want to share with others through music.
  • As an entrepreneur, what fundamentals would you give aspiring artists and emerging entrepreneurs who are creating a successful career? 

I love this question so much Minnee – because it’s SO important. My biggest thing is to be in business for the right reason. I know we see successful business owners at their height, and think wow this is what I wanna do. I wanna make good money and be my own boss and go on vacations. Of course you’re gonna wanna live their highs lol. But you can’t look at someone’s reward and assume you want to have their life. Cause there are sacrifices along the way that make those rewards worth it. Business is hard, very hard. Be excited, but be prepared to work your ass off. Be in business to help people, to give them value, to make their life better. The money will find you the better you get at helping others. If you start with the goal of just making money, it’s gonna be a rough journey.
  • As a pioneer producer, which era of producers is your favorite and why?

I honestly have to give every era their flowers. Life is about passing down legacy. I think every era has contributed something that was necessary to get to this stage. For me though, a lot of my memories of moving from a child to young adult to a man, happened during the 90s and 2000’s boom bap era of hip hop. Those songs and producers have created anchors for me for special moments of my life – so I’d have to say the 90’s era personally. I really do love the turn up music today too though, it just depends on the mood.

What’s Next?

  • Recently inking a deal with WHO?MAG Distribution – an imprint under SONY/The Orchard’s distribution — what was that call and experience like? 

It’s an incredible opportunity that I’m so thankful for, and one that I manifested into existence. I’ve been around music for over 20 years. I’ve written, performed, produced, managed artists, events and a lot of other music business work. When I got back into production full time, the thought of being a loop maker and sending packs out to people was a little daunting. I decided I needed a different approach, one that would help my unique journey be an asset. In addition to deciding to be a full stack producer not just a beat maker. I wanted to make songs with artists in real time. Some of my best work has come from studio sessions where we just said, “let’s just cook something up from scratch”. Those end up being the songs that make you feel, because those projects happen over a genuine human connection and experience. So when I made that decision, I knew I needed a distribution outlet. I wanted to put out songs that I produced myself. A few days after that one of my good friends called me and told me about the opportunity and introduced me to Rob Schwartz at Who?Mag Distribution. I’m incredibly blessed and thankful to work with such a strong team with crazy industry experience and knowledge.


  • Excited to hear more, what’s next for 3 Peat in 2023?

This year I plan to keep expanding the network and relationships and to work with more talented artists. I really like the live, in studio environment and plan to continue that approach throughout the year. I’ve worked on some projects that I’m super excited to come out in the next few months. I’m confident that the catalog we’ve been building is gonna change the sound of music in the next 1-2 years, but for now I just have to keep hustling and putting in that work. In my life, hard work and clear vision has always gotten me to where I wanted to go. So more of
that, more wins more life. Thank you so much for the awesome questions, it was really fun to talk.
3Peat: prominent producer of 3PEAT Production Inc. | HHV On the Rise News

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