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Album Review: Divine Suns – “Chaos Theory”


Album Review: Divine Suns – “Chaos Theory”


Chaos Theory

When it comes to team work and unity, there is no way to better describe it than underground hip-hop ground Divine Suns. Their story dates back to 1997, as students of Morehouse College. Divine Suns, now in the later life of adulthood, came together for the new album, Chaos Theory.

Unlike many group hip-hop albums, this album by Divine Suns is clearly well planned. With any music project, an aspect to make it a well-received musical effort is chemistry. It’s clear, by listening to Chaos Theory, they all respect each others craft.

For example, “Black Magnum,” shows their mutual respect and it comes with a dope visual. The rhymes are dope and Plex Long rhymes with energy “Liars with crime stories, inspired by lies bore me, been rockin since they use to call us Wilton and Corey.” Not only that Dan Johns provided the production on this track and made it hot.

As the album gets more into play, another decent track is “Stardust” with Iris Isis. Anon the Griot, Hunchpunch, and Felix the Black Cat provide their own respective deliveries on the track. It gives a nice mellow feel with solid rhymes and shows it many out there still providing quality hip-hop.

“Homegrown” is solid but I do feel the production made the track. The hook was cool not great, but the effort could be better. Other than that, Anon the Griot and Hunchpunch killed it and again you have to thank Dan Johns for the track. “Lifestyle” with Young Tay wasn’t impressive, the flow and production missed key elements and  it was “Too much going,” seeming unbalanced.

The album picks back up with “Oxygen Mask” again where the Divine Suns crew remain on point. Of course, as the album picks up with “Fatal 4,” which the crew just smashed with bars on deck. Love to hear more from the crew founded on the grounds of Morehouse College.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 7/10

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