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AP.9 talks Ice-T/Coco situation with Vlad TV [AUDIO]


AP.9 talks Ice-T/Coco situation with Vlad TV [AUDIO]

Until last month, many were quick to point out the stable marriage between Coco and Ice-T. At first, there were questions about their marriage. But, after close to a decade of a stable marriage, it appeared to be a solid bond between Coco and Ice-T. One night with AP.9, famous for being a member of Mob Figgaz, and everything changed.

Photos surfaced and showed Coco acting less like Ice-T’s wife and more like AP.9’s jumpoff. It was after the leak of the photos and Coco’s reaction that made Ice-T speak out. Coco defended her relationship with AP.9, saying they were only friends. Ice-T publicly called Coco and AP.9 out on Twitter, with the latter saying he was not afraid and hinting to more than kissing Coco.

Vlad TV spoke to AP.9, who again said he was not scared of Ice-T. Confirming having sexual relations with Coco, AP.9 said he also had sex with Kim Kardashian. Admitting he had nothing personal against Ice-T or Kanye West, AP.9 said this is what he does in this industry. AP.9 spoke on this and much more with Vlad TV.

Listen to the entire interview below:

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