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Babak Rabiee’s Inspiring Journey Towards Success


Babak Rabiee’s Inspiring Journey Towards Success

The definition of passion varies for each individual. Some passionate people are extremely driven to make a name for themselves in the music industry. Even after knowing that it’s not that easy for a newcomer to gain fame, recognition, and an audience for themselves, passionate individuals keep going. Their willpower and belief in their talent are applaudable.

One of these talented, hard-working, and passionate musicians is Babak Rabiee. He has been striving and pushing to establish himself as a singer and lyricist over the last 3 years. He’s been to various labels and major musicians around the industry, asking them to give him a chance and his big break. Despite the talent he had, Rabiee faced a lot of rejection.

He spent most of his time in an apartment in Queens, New York, where he created music and wrote a lot of songs. Somedays, he struggled to keep going as it all seemed rather meaningless. Financial constraints were also getting the best of him as being a bartender didn’t help his situation much.

Babak refused many full-time jobs as they would require more time and attention. He always chose to invest this time in his music since his heart and soul were dedicated to it. These hardships were getting more difficult by the day and facing one disappointment after another was just making things worse.

One day, Babak made the biggest decision of his life. He told himself that asking others for chances is not going to take him where he is meant to be. Carrying his guitar, he landed outside a real estate agent’s office and requested to see available studio spaces to rent. After this, he made a trip to the bank and withdrew all his savings.

No one could stop Babak and his dream of becoming a musician from here onwards. He invested all his time, effort, and money into producing the best music he has ever created. The idea was to produce an album and drop it as an indie artist. He got in touch with a few other artists who played various instruments.

In no time, he had a band for himself playing music exactly the way he pictured. The energy in that studio was immense and made him want to wake up every day and create music. After three months of intense work, Babak and his band were now ready to release an album. They got in contact with platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and others to drop their first indie music album.

It was also released on YouTube and other social media spaces. This belief and hard work paid off when their music finally got to the right audience and gained a lot of recognition. Babak and his band are already set to kick off their first tour around the country. His belief in himself and the leap of faith he took proved to be the best decision of his life.

He is set to break records and attain the highest levels of success. His future seems bright. Babak’s journey inspires many up-and-coming artists, creators, and especially musicians.

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