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BRS Kash – “Mad At Her”


BRS Kash – “Mad At Her”

BRS Kash gives the fellas an anthem in Mad At Her

BRS Kash was the hottest rising rapper in the game at the start of last year. In 2020, BRS Kash released his single, “Throat Baby (Go Baby),” to much fanfare. The song became one of 2020’s final hits and it carried over into 2021. When the momentum hit a peak, BRS Kash caught the attention of the game’s heavy hitters. As a result, BRS Kash landed DaBaby and City Girls for the “Throat Baby” remix. The official remix drew the scrutiny of Twitter, but BRS Kash was hot.

BRS Kash had the attention of the world world, in January 2021. As a result, BRS Kash wasted no time getting fans a project. Before the momentum cooled, BRS Kash dropped Kash Only, his debut mixtape, which was met with critical acclaim. In the year and a half since, BRS Kash has continued working, and releasing singles. With his latest work, BRS Kash believes he can create the kind of momentum that will dwarf his 2020-2021 run.

BRS Kash is known for delivering big records and he never holds back. After all, “Throat Baby” was Kash singing about, well, no need to go into that detail. So, with BRS Kash’s new single, “Mad At Her,” he is giving more of the same. As of now, BRS Kash does not have “Mad At Her” attached to any new projects. Instead, Kash just gave the people something to vibe to, over the weekend. This is one the guys should especially love.

BRS Kash gives the fellas an anthem in Mad At Her

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