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Chelly Flame – “Bandz”


Chelly Flame – “Bandz”

Chelly Flame has an anthem on her hands with Bandz

Chelly Flame represents Atlanta and she really made herself known last year. As a rising female rapper, Chelly Flame joins a long list of ladies dominating hip hop. Last year, Chelly Flame saw her momentum reach new heights. As a result, Chelly Flame wound up getting signed. Early in 2021, Chelly Flame signed with Babygrande Records.

Chelly Flame has been out here doing her thing for some time. This weekend marked the official launch of the summer. With that said, Chelly Flame is watching as 2022 has now taken into full swing. As the year has its own identity, Chelly Flame is leaving her impact on it. Earlier this year, Chelly Flame saw success with her single, “Bandz.”

Chelly Flame already has some major heat under her belt. With Chelly Flame releasing “Bandz,” she is now preparing to really push the record. The summer of 2022 is in full swing. As a reuslt, Chelly Flame is looking to make some noise. With that in mind, Chelly Flame has now taken the single, “Bandz,” and given it the proper push that should turn the record into a major hit.

Chelly Flame has an anthem on her hands with Bandz

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