Dee Jay Silver’s New Album ‘Corners’ Breaks Genre Barriers

The first track in Dee Jay Silver’s newest album, Corners, is 41 seconds of his child’s endearing musings. It’s a perfect, honest opening for what is an authentic 11-song record that boasts stellar production value and an impressive array of genres that somehow still work together cohesively.

“Getaway Driver,” the first full song in Corners, is a fantastic introduction that is bound to appeal even to country-amateurs. It layers Waterloo Revival’s soulful vocals over a catchy acoustic guitar melody, creating the first undeniable earworm in the album. Similarly, “Don’t Get Better Than That” and “Common Ground,” showcase country music in the surprisingly approachable style that so far only Dee Jay Silver has been able to craft. With creative and subtle production, he successfully energizes the genre while retaining its authentic message and traditional weight.

Tracks like “Go Off” and “Rubber Band Money” provide nice and unexpected incorporations of rap. The songs bring a full-bodied sound while staying true to the singers’ personalities. “Drop It Like,” “Bring That Bass Back,” and “Corners of My Mind,” in contrast, contribute a more traditional EDM sound to the album. These vast deviations in genre are emblematic of Silver’s superpowers as a musical chameleon.

With Corners, Dee Jay Silver continues to blaze through uncharted territory as he develops the complexities of his sound. He may break rules and work against expectations, but the one recognizable component in his music is his authenticity. The album showcases his ability to commit to whatever genre he chooses to explore. Although all the songs reflect distinctly polarizing influences and draw vocals from all different types of singers, they still manage to retain common ground. Beyond its stellar execution, Corners provides a glimpse into the genre-less future of the industry, and perhaps most surprisingly, the endless possibilities for country music.

Listen to Corners HERE.


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