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Diego Andres Lozano Left a Business Empire to Establish His Musical Career


Diego Andres Lozano Left a Business Empire to Establish His Musical Career

Entering the music industry can seem like an extremely daunting thing to do. With the spotlight, pressure, and fame, most musicians are unsure of where to start and overwhelmed in the beginning. However, none of this is as difficult as the journey they’ve had to take to make it to the top. They work immensely hard to attain what they’ve been dedicated to all their lives.

One of these passionate and distinguished artists is Diego Andres Lozano. He started his journey very differently. Coming from a family that has raised businesspeople while encouraging one another to grow empires, someone with a passion for music was thought of as odd. Diego’s father successfully ran a group of companies for years.

His family expected Diego to follow the same path, but he was only passionate about one thing in life: music. He always knew that if he had to create something, he would give it his best. And music was what motivated him to keep going every single day.

Upon realizing this, he packed his bags and moved to New York City. Surviving in a city like New York is not easy, but due to his immense passion, Diego made some invaluable contacts in the area. Meeting up and performing with talented artists was a great way to earn hands-on experience.

Today, he produces music as an indie artist and has been able to hit more than 100,000K streams on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. All of this has been due to his belief in himself.

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