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Doobie Dalil Drops Debut Album “In Gauged”

Album Preview

Doobie Dalil Drops Debut Album “In Gauged”

(CHICAGO, IL) October 17, 2018 – Rising rapper Doobie Dalil from Chicago’s South Side just released his debut album In Gauged, a smooth narrative covering the highs and lows of street life with crisp production and Doobie’s trademark precise-but-melodic flow. Doobie Dalil has already been making a name for himself with dense lyricism and strong performances opening for the likes of Lil’ Durk and the one-and-only Drake, but with this first full-length project he’s staking his claim for the title of Chicago’s finest.


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In Gauged starts off strong with “Bust Down,” a wavy cut produced by Kajun that showcases the articulate flow many have compared to another Chicago native, speed-rap legend Twista. The album continues with a light-hearted vibe on “Thats For Fun” (also produced by Kajun) until things get serious on the Velli-produced track “Mary Jay.” Doobie Dalil shares his vulnerability on “Mary Jay” as he reflects on those he’s lost to the streets: I can’t see ‘em comin down my eyes / So I gotta make this song cry / Make this song cry / Cuz I’m not gon cry / I’m not that type / I’m not gon shed no tears / All your ops gon die / These shots gon fly / I’m not gon shed no tears.

As the project progresses, producer J. Fields delivers on the gritty “Meego” featuring LA’s King Lil G and Eastwood, and “My Blood,” an up-tempo anthem Dalil wrote for the day-ones who’ve been around so long they may as well be blood.  To top it off, Doobie Dalil delivers a sexy, seductive track “All In That” featuring John Blu that takes the ladies for an intimate ride to which this track is skillfully produced by west coast multi-platinum producer Fingazz.  With In Gauged’s 16 solid songs highlighting Doobie Dalil’s creativity and flawless execution, there’s no doubt Chi-town is being elevated with this release. Keep up with Dalil here @doobiedalil .

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