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Fabdon is the Next Big Thing to Hit the Music Industry


Fabdon is the Next Big Thing to Hit the Music Industry

The music industry is home to thousands of talents, making it probably one of the most concentrated and brutally competitive fields. However, that has not stopped new faces from joining the industry, with some like Fabdon taking over.

Despite being away for some time, Fabdon has reclaimed his spot in the industry, with his music gaining thousands of views. His recent song, “Lamar Anthem,” has become a fan favorite receiving hundreds of views in less than a week since its release. The attention-grabbing music video keeps the viewer engaged, all while listening to the lyrics that prove Fabdon is a force to be reckoned with. His years of success in the industry come through clearly in Lamar Anthem.

His impeccable voice, smooth lyrical flow, and unique sound are helping him stand out, with many naming him the next big thing to hit the music industry. He was recently offered a deal by Jungle (Nas’s brother).  Fabdon has also graced the stage with Pooh Shiesty in Rochester.

More than just music, Fabdon has made it his goal to create powerful and timeless songs using it as a way to tell his story to the rest of the world. He says music has always been there for me, and he wants to use his talent to encourage and inspire his fans.

Life is full of ups and downs, and often things don’t play out as you had expected, says Fabdon. But you shouldn’t give up. You can always choose to try again, and keep in mind that nothing is unattainable with determination, resilience, and hard work.

When Fabdon began his journey in the industry in 2012, he had no one to help him. Even so, he did not give up. He perfected his skills, and soon people started noticing his work. Fabdon was signed by renowned business mogul Chaz “Slim” William.

According to Fabdon, Chaz played a significant role in his career, helping him grow his influence. Under Chaz’s wing, Fabdon has met some of the top artists in the industry and was even featured in publications. His songs played on major radio stations such as Power 105.1.

Sadly as his career was starting to pick up, Fabdon was arrested and had to go through a trial. While he was later released and exonerated of all charges, this was a major setback for the fast-rising star. He missed an opportunity to be signed by one of the leading agencies, Gwinnin, and had to put so many of his projects on hold.

As he was trying to find his footing and reclaim his position, Fabdon lost focus and ended up back in prison. His manager Chaz also passed away when he was serving his term, and Fabdon didn’t know where or how to start again. He began working on his career once more, writing music in his prison cell, and a few days after his release, his music was making waves in the industry.

One year since his release, Fabdon has been signed by 50 Cent and Nas. He has also had the opportunity to perform alongside top artists, such as Pooh, raising the bar for the Southside Jamaica Queens. He says he has many projects lined up that he plans to release in the coming months.

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