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How Zillamatic Is Taking the DJing World by Storm


How Zillamatic Is Taking the DJing World by Storm


Unlike what many people think, learning and mastering the art of becoming a DJ is no easy task. It requires a lot of effort and sacrifice before you can clearly understand the art of playing with beats. It can be simple to get started, but it demands something special for you to stand out and establish a thriving career. Part of what you might need is an authentic brand and style of music that identifies with who you are as a person. Garrett, popularly known as Zillamatic, is a classic example of how hard work, talent, and determination can help you scale to success.

Zillamatic is a top-rated DJ and producer taking over the Dallas entertainment scene. He is known for his unique and energetic open-format DJing style. It’s an authentic, fast-paced mixing style that allows him to freely adapt to different concerts or events as he gracefully genre hops. Zillamatic takes pride in having mastered the art of FX on mixing techniques, a skill set that puts him ahead of the competition.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, Zillamatic is also the founder of Adept Music, a consulting business helping thousands of DJs hone their skills and create their unique brands. He also helps young talent stay connected and employed by continuously teaching others new ways to use mixers that no one else has ever thought of.

A trusted and sought-after DJ, Zillamatic is also known for creating playlists for businesses, including restaurants and clubs, for their operating business hours. He has gained the trust of almost every single top club in Dallas, TX, including Bottled Blonde, Citizen, Theory Nightclub, Green Light Social, 5 am Theater, Playhouse Dallas, and others. His unique mixing style has also caught the attention of hospitality industry players, such as Eatz Hospitality in Moxies USA and Harwood International, where he creates and reforms the music that plays in all of their venues.

Zillamatic has also had the opportunity to tour other states, including San Diego at the Parq nightclub, Oklahoma at the Greystone nightclub, and New York at the Up and Down Club, where he does various shows alongside talented artists.

Working his way to becoming the most sought-after DJ has involved overcoming a series of challenges and obstacles.

 “I’ve faced challenges with people not believing in the vision or path I choose to take. I had to prove my worth as a DJ and entrepreneur to make people take me seriously in a short amount of time. Overcoming this was consistency and a concise message: a passion for music and performance. Also, moving from California (where I’m from) to Dallas was a tough decision, but it was the best one I ever made,” says Zillamatic.

A self-made success story, Zillamatic believes there is money in music and so many ways to monetize yourself. The secret lies in finding your niche and establishing an unparalleled work ethic. This is the right move to make and will make things easier for you in the long run.

With a solid brand in the DJ community, Zillamatic wants to grow and diversify into producing. He plans to release more original songs and content and play larger format shows.

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