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Stream: Jack Bronco – “Club X”


Stream: Jack Bronco – “Club X”

Jack Bronco shows he is the next Baton Rouge rock star on Club XJack Bronco shows he is the next Baton Rouge rock star on Club X

Jack Bronco is an up-and-coming star who shows no signs of slowing down. In a day and age where numbers matter, Jack Bronco has the look of a superstar. In addition, Jack Bronco has a sound that all but guarantees he will be here for a while. A Baton Rouge native, Jack Bronco has watched quite a few stars emerge from his city. It just so happens that Jack Bronco is rising at a time when a few of the hottest rappers in the game are from Baton Rouge.

Jack Bronco is an artist, but it would be unfair to only call him a rapper. While Jack Bronco definitely does embrace rap music, he embraces all music. One listen to Jack Bronco and it is clear that he is influenced by the rock culture. The rock elements are evident by looking at Jack Bronco’s overall aesthetic. When it comes to Jack Bronco’s music, it is clear that he is inspired by all of the greats who came before him.

Jack Bronco came with his projectClub X, and provided something that most don’t. This is what music, as a whole, has been missing. What stands out about Jack Bronco, on Club X, is that he is unafraid to be himself. In stark contrast, most of Jack Bronco’s peers all look alike and sound alike. While Jack Bronco has elements in his music, which embrace the current era, his sound and style is one all of his own. Anyone who gives Club X a chance will definitely appreciate his originality.

Jack Bronco continues the work of the artists who came before him. The end of regional rap comes with Jack Bronco. When anyone hears Club X, where Jack Bronco is from won’t matter.

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