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King Kopa is ready to FLOAT on new release | HHV On The Rise
King Kopa


King Kopa is ready to FLOAT on new release | HHV On The Rise

King Kopa is ready to “FLOAT” all Summer 2023 with new sizzling single

New York is not only known for birthing, but breeding some of the hottest talent in music. With that being said, a new rising rhymer raised from Southside Jamaica Queens is ready to shake it up in the industry. In doing so, King Kopa comes in swinging from building to building, banging on his chest as he brings back to back bangers. 

Growing up, King Kopa grew a love for music ranging from a variety of genres such as: R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae, Reggatone, and dancehall. As a result, his distinct musical style was developed due to his varied yet expansive musical palette. All of which was influenced by his love of numerous genres, and has assisted Kopa in honing his craft and pursuing his professional passion for music.  

The King Kopa effect

Many of Kopa’s trendy tracks serve as melodic and catchy, which is why his fans enjoy his music so much. Maintaining momentum while moving the masses, King Kopa’s catalog consists of soothing vibes. In fact, he draws on various influences from Rap and R&B. Nonetheless, as we come together to celebrate 50 years of Hip-Hop, the NY newcomer sets the tone. His discography also includes several sizzling singles in which he demonstrates his poetic ability. With a nod of nostalgic sentiments of old-school rap that made you fall in love with hip hop in the first place. 


Furthermore, King Kopa has dug deeper into his artistry by tapping into his Jamaican and Cuban roots. Bringing the Carribean vibes to the forefront, the genre-bending artist breaks into the sounds of Dancehall and Reggaeton. Now, Kopa has carved out a new creative path for himself with the imminent release of his new DanceHall delivery, “FLOAT.” The K-Starr co-written collaborative record reflects the range of his career. It demonstrates that King Kopa is a generational star who is here to stay! 


King Kopa describes his experience with a gorgeous woman while under the influence of drugs in this dancehall-infused single. The rhythm-heavy dancehall-infused drop belongs to the subgenre of reggae that has garnered fans all over the world. “FLOAT” is sure to get its listeners up and ready to wine and dance. Setting the tone for a scorching hot the Summer stacked with singles, Kopa solidifies his spot in the world of Dancehall with the release of his new raved release. Don’t believe me? Press play on his trendy track titled, “Float” here at! Lastly, let us know what you think in the comments! 


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King Kopa is ready to “FLOAT” all Summer 2023 with new sizzling single

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