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Meet Chris Arvan: the Artist Making His Mark in the NFTs Art World


Meet Chris Arvan: the Artist Making His Mark in the NFTs Art World

The music and art world are ever-changing, and professional artists need to stay abreast of new trends and changes in the industry. Chris Arvan is one successful artist that has navigated this field for years. As he works his way to new levels in his career, Chris has earned recognition and reached milestones along the way. He is gaining traction in both mediums with exceptional art and music pieces that many resonate with.

As an artist, Chris has been serving the industry with great sounds including his recent hit, “Home Sick From Another World.” One of his top career highlights includes composing the music for the official trailer of the Oscar-nominated film 1917. He has also worked with numerous top industry talents, including the legendary songwriting team Rock Mafia.

In addition to having a solid foundation in the industry, he’s venturing into new technological advancements. With blockchain technology taking over the art world, Chris has seen some of his NFT artworks grace notable art events and exhibitions, including the Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida, the Stratosphere Exhibition in Beijing, China, and the George Lopez Foundation Charity Event and Auction.

Unknown to many, Chris has to weather seemingly insurmountable storms to enjoy the success he has today.He now-thriving artist was addicted to heroin in his late 20s, and even almost lost his life due to an overdose. After a few years of hard work, professional help, and 12-step programs, Chris was able to overcome the hurdles that come with addiction and stay sober to this day.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of his troubles; Chris would later be diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss, hyperacusis, and diplacusis. This was a significant blow to his music career. It was then that he sought to explore his drawing ability to keep himself engaged.

Now in his early 50s, Chris has mastered combining music and art in a unique and catchy way to make a mark in the world. He is working to remove the border between music and art. He is intertwining both his music and art skills to bring out his best in the two fields.

“All of these skills took me over 30 years to develop that I am now combining. I am a multi-instrumentalist, producing, mixing, and mastering all of my music,’’ says Chris.

The rise of blockchain technology has been a significant boost to Chris’ career in the art world. The now NFT investor is confident in NFTs to be the next big thing in the art world, with even more excellent opportunities. He sees it as a great avenue for music and art enthusiasts to support the industry. You can directly purchase an NFT from the artist and be part of their growth journey. Chris also seeks to leverage the opportunity to cultivate a loyal fanbase for both his artwork and music.

Part of Chris’ vision is to have his NFT and artwork available at notable auction houses and around the globe.The goal is to inspire millions with his story. Chris is also looking forward to years of a successful career, both as a musician and artist. He is also looking to release his visual arts and music combined as NFTs.

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