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Meet Rashad Lewis, Aka DMajor, the Tech and Music Enthusiast Running the Show


Meet Rashad Lewis, Aka DMajor, the Tech and Music Enthusiast Running the Show

Rashad Lewis, or DMajor as he is known in the music scene, is a music and tech entrepreneur with numerous non-profit firms that are impacting lives. DMajor has had a passion for music and technology from a young age. He was always fascinated by the two sectors and lived with a dream of pursuing them as a career. Fortunately, DMajor had the resources to pursue these passions simultaneously.

After graduating from Duke University, DMajor headed straight for the business world, establishing himself as an entrepreneur. With a clear picture of what he wanted to pursue, he quickly started numerous non-profit companies in the tech industry. DMajor also established BNR Records, a music label to provide artists with a one-stop shop for recording, media, and full creative control. He also leveraged his many innovative ideas and creativity to scale the label.

With an innate passion for music, DMajor transitioned into a musician when artists signed to the label roster did not display the work ethic, drive, and determination needed to succeed in music. He needed to show them what it takes to thrive in the sector, a mission he has swiftly accomplished.

DMajor is now one of the top up-and-coming artists showing great potential to take over the industry, and he is undoubtedly headed for more success. He is already clocking thousands of streams across various platforms and quickly building a fan base. As an artist, DMajor is recognized for his unrivaled work ethic and dedication to the craft.

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