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Papoose – “Cap”


Papoose – “Cap”

Papoose teams up with Bangladesh for his single Cap

Papoose has had an interesting career timeline. Like many before him, Papoose built a reputation of being a street rapper. Due to his lyrical abilities, Papoose gained the attention of the major labels. As a result, Papoose landed a huge record deal with Jive Records. The difference came when Papoose refused to change his style to suit the majors. It turns out, Papoose was more comfortable being a street rapper with mixtape success.

Papoose held down the New York streets with his mixtapes. For close to a decade, hip hop looked for the next New York savior. It turns out Papoose was hiding in plain sight the entire time. Furthermore, Papoose would soon prove he didn’t have to change himself to achieve commercial success. While Pap was making his name, he married Remy Ma, while she was in prison. Holding down the love of his life, Papoose joined “Love & Hip Hop” with her, where they became a popular couple.

Papoose had a huge platform and he used it to promote his music. As a result, Papoose came with an unexpected hit just last year. In 2021, Papoose closed the summer with “Thought I Was Gon Stop,” featuring Lil Wayne. On the remix, Papoose added his wife, Remy Ma, among others. Clearly, Papoose really does this. It is a new summer and Papoose is back with his single, “Cap,” which is produced by Bangladesh.

Papoose teams up with Bangladesh for his single Cap

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