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Preemo’s “In The Mix” Top Five Songs of the Week (August 31 – September 7, 2013)


Preemo’s “In The Mix” Top Five Songs of the Week (August 31 – September 7, 2013)

In the MixBy Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The fans can be pretty aggressive, they keep wondering where’s the Top Five, what happened to the Top Five? All the emails were read and it’s back, but understand that this job at Hip Hop Vibe has gotten demanding out of nowhere. They want a web series and article(s) now, one column and the radio show isn’t enough anymore.

All jokes of course, but the workload at Hip Hop Vibe meant sidelining a few things, and now everything is back set. “In The Mix” changed formats, but the focus on the music will forever remain the same. Since the show is still live on Desert Storm Radio, the countdown still lives.

There was another crazy week in hip hop with so many things going on. Meek Mill finally dissed Kendrick Lamar and even re-started with Cassidy. Meanwhile, 1017 Brick Squad has completely fallen apart and it came out of nowhere and Hip Hop Vibe was here, covering it ALL.

Listen to “In The Mix’s” Top Five Songs of the Week below:

Matthew Schultz ft. Jim Jones – “Money or Me”
New to “In The Mix,” but probably old to some fans, Matthew Schultz has a banger with “Money or Me.” It’s been in rotation on the show for the past few months and the fans keep requesting it. On a personal note, “Money or Me” stays in the iPod playlist and it’s a good song to zone out to.

Krept & Konan ft. Yungen – “Too Young”
Even though “In The Mix” covers a lot of artists in the States, people often forget this is a UK-based show, based right here in London and two of the biggest artists from here is Krept & Konan. They are working on their Young Kingz mixtape and they have a lot of the biggest names out here on it and that includes Tinie Tempah. Their track with Yungen, “Too Young,” has had a pretty big impact and it is another song that has done well this week.

Meek Mill – “Ooh Kill ‘Em” (Kendrick Lamar diss)
No he didn’t just flip Dr. Dre and Eminem’s “Forgot About Dre” to diss Kendrick Lamar! Yes Meek Mill did! and he’s not apologizing for what he did. Meek Mill was among the names Kendrick Lamar called on “Control” and the Philadelphia rapper decided he was not going to take it lying down. On Friday, Meek Mill dropped “Ooh Kill ‘Em” and it has taken the internet over.

2 Chainz ft. Rich Homie Quan – “Extra”
Rich Homie Quan is to 2013 what Future was to 2011, but 2 Chainz also had a big year in 2011. Either way, all three have had strong results in 2013 and they keep Atlanta proud. 2 Chainz needed to keep things fresh in 2013 for his new album, Me Time, so he decided to feature Rich Homie Quan. The name of the song is “Extra” and it came out this week to major reactions from fans and critics.

Rick Ross ft. Future – “No Games”
To everyone wondering when Mastermind was coming and when Rick Ross would offer as much as an update, they got their answer when he dropped “No Games.” Future is featured on the track, which means it will soon be a pretty big hit for him. No word on the official release date for Mastermind, but “No Games” is a definite banger.

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