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 Rapper Woopie got a Tiktok sound you need to use! 


 Rapper Woopie got a Tiktok sound you need to use! 

“Giving Me the P*ssy” is Woopie’s newest hit that is sweeping the globe! Prince Johnson, commonly known as “Woopie,” is a budding rap star. Woopie has gone viral with his newest release, which has become go-to music for every strip club DJ! Woopie is a singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Philadelphia. Woopie mixes the finest of rap music with groovy sounds and engaging lyrics. “Giving Me the P*ssy” is available on all major streaming services.
Woopie strives to rap music that strip club DJs require. His recent single “Giving Me the Pussy” is catching the attention of various strip club DJs regionally. Giving Me the Pussy” is music that is great for any strip club because of the amazing lyrics, rap, and rhythm. Woopie’s new single is a wonderful addition to any strip club DJ’s library.


Woopie is an artist who has devoted himself to being the finest version of himself. Woopie intends to dominate the rap music business and create songs that strip club DJs can play every night. Woopie is devoted to bringing his music career to the next level. Songs are the strongest kind of magic, and Woopie wants to utilize his skill to improve the world by spreading joy and optimism via his music.


Watch the new music video!
Woopie’s “Giving Me the P*ssy” is now streaming
Go to Woopie’s Instagram account here
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