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Soulja Boy ft. AGoff – “Swag Ain’t Dead”


Soulja Boy ft. AGoff – “Swag Ain’t Dead”

Swag Brothers

Soulja Boy teams up with AGoff for Swag Ain’t Dead single

Soulja Boy is surely still putting in big work and recently revealed a new project. Teaming up with his SODMG artist, AGoff, Soulja Boy is doing the Swag Brothers joint project. This leads to their new single, “Swag Ain’t Dead,” which dropped a few days ago. Over the past year and a half, Soulja Boy has expanded his horizons, appearing on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.”

In 2007, Soulja Boy forever changed the game. Soulja Boy began rapping and sharing his music on MySpace. Without Soulja Boy, artists going viral wouldn’t even be a trend. The SODMG rapper didn’t wait on a record deal. Soulja Boy used the resources available and began putting his music on iTunes. Within a year, Soulja Boy made a fortune releasing selling his iTunes links via MySpace.

Soulja Boy proved to be an innovative businessman at only the age of 17. Despite that, Soulja Boy was written off as a one hit wonder by the music industry. Still, Soulja Boy negotiated a label deal with Collipark/Interscope. Two years later, Soulja Boy negotiated his own exit from Collipark, while remaining on Interscope, before his 2012 departure from the label. Independently, Soulja Boy now puts artists on.

Soulja Boy teams up with AGoff for Swag Ain’t Dead single

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