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Stream: Tai Mistyque – “Where Do I Go” EP


Stream: Tai Mistyque – “Where Do I Go” EP

Tai Mistyque brings real R&B back with her EP Where Do I GoTai Mistyque brings real R&B back with her sophomore EP Where Do I Go

Tai Mistyque is a recording artist who can actually sing gracefully and impressively. In the R&B space, that is a rare attribute. These days, a lot of singers seem to not give the best effort to their vocals. Where Tai Mistyque differs is that she actually does. In a day and age where people don’t work that hard, Tai Mistyque is actually putting in a lot of work. As a result, she is one of the most talented artists that are rising to prominence.

Tai Mistyque returned with Where Do I Go, which comes two years after she launched her hit debut EP, Last Summer. From childhood, Tai Mistyque has always loved music. In 2020, Tai Mistyque finally took that leap of faith, stepping into the streaming scene. When Tai Mistyque described her music, she said if it were a person, it was who she’d tell her secrets to.

Tai Mistyque sounds like Janet Jackson and Aaliyah, singers who made R&B into the powerful genre it is. Indeed, Where Do I Go is a refreshing one and, at the same time, takes the audience back to the good old 90s vibe. When it comes to what makes a good body of music, Tai Mistyque did just that.

Tai Mistyque is no stranger to critical acclaim right from the start. It is also noteworthy to mention that “Toxic,” her 2021 track and also part of the EP, got a co-sign from Joe Budden. Where Do I Go is just an appetizer and a teaser of what is to come. Currently, Tai Mistyque has a team of creatives that help bring music to the next level – Johnny Innuendo, Daniel Cruz, Daniel Graham (Producers), Tae The Don (Engineer), and Rell (A&R).

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