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Hottie of the Week: Ashley Adore

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Ashley Adore

Ashley Adore 2They don’t call her Ashley Adore for no reason, it’s not hard to get lost looking at her face or into her eyes. Good looks come with the territory in modeling, so Ashley Adore jumped right into the field and is a natural. Because of her looks and natural grace, Ashley Adore was always told she should model and she took this advice.

Ashley Adore began doing the modeling with more focus not all that long ago, but she has found much success in a short period of time. Well aware of how short-term modeling can be, Ashley Adore has much bigger plans for her career, modeling is only the start. If things go according to her plans, Ashley Adore hopes to launch businesses.

On Twitter, Ashley Adore has managed to build quite the fan base. With her popularity rising, Hip Hop Vibe decided to reach out to Ashley Adore and she answered a few questions for us. As we close out June 2013, Ashley Adore speaks to us as our latest Hottie of the Week, so please take the time out to get to know this interesting lady.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you decide to start taking modeling seriously? I decided to start taking modeling seriously about a year ago after numerous amounts of people continuously told me I should try it.

Why did you want to even be a part of the entertainment business? I love the life. I love the glitz and glam, even though I know that there’s a lot of hard work behind it.

How do you feel about the current landscape of urban modeling? In my opinion, as of late, urban modeling can use a bit more finesse with sex appeal, something to force the viewer to use their imagination a bit more.

When it comes to modeling, which style do you prefer, traditional, bikini, or vixen? That’s really a tough question, because they each have their own purposes. However, I would lean toward traditional because it can better show my talent as a model without having to be somewhat naked.

What does it take for you to consider working with someone? First and foremost, the person would have to be professional. Then I would have to genuinely like their work.

Although you are modeling now, could you see yourself venturing into television and film? Yes. I would love to eventually get into TV and film. It’s actually something that I hope for. I would not want to be stuck in one genre of the entertainment world. However, I would love if modeling can cross me over into TV and film.

What is your take on the ladies who get body enhancements to jump into the modeling game, typically urban? I don’t judge. So, if getting body enhancements is something that a woman wants to do to help her career, then I’m all for it. It’s a new day and age where body enhancements aren’t that big of a deal anymore. But, I do think that a woman should still try to make those enhancements look as natural as possible.

In a previous interview, you said you would like to have your own company, what type of business interests you? I don’t have a specific business in mind. I’m just hoping that, as my career progresses, the idea will naturally come to me. It is nothing that I want to force. For example, like the progression of rapper Jay Z. He probably never dreamed of being involved and owning all the businesses that he has but the opportunity came and he seized it.

With all of the new music coming out this week, which album do you feel is a must-have? Jay-Z and Kanye West are my favorite rappers, so I always try to get their new music. Kanye’s album just came out last week and Jay should be dropping an album July 4th, so I plan on having those.

Can you give us your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so fans can connect with you? Facebook is Ashley Adore, Instagram and Twitter, both, are @AshleyAdore_.

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Ashley Adore 3Ashley Adore

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