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Hottie of the Week: Ceca

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Ceca

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The body is a temple, though most put their bodies through unnecessary problems over the course of their life. While adding stress to their bodies, there is pressure added by models that appear physically perfect. Most of the pressure is placed upon the shoulders of women.

Ceca knows her body is a temple and she works hard to keep her body in shape. A workout extraordinaire, working as a personal trainer and a model, Ceca is defying the odds. Yes, Ceca is in great physical shape, but she has curves and is proud of them.

Working as both a personal trainer and a model, there is not much Ceca does not do. Ceca is known in the desert area of the United States, particularly in Phoenix and Las Vegas. With those cities as her bases, Ceca is known internationally, as Ceca is originally from Serbia and known as a fitness/bikini model.

Ceca discussed her workout regimen, her diet, fitness, and modeling with Hip Hop Vibe.

Read the entire interview below:

How long have you been focused on working out? I’ve been doing fitness past fifteen years, but my life is all about sports and healthy a lifestyle.

When did you begin working as a personal trainer? Working out and sculpteing my body motivaed a lot of people, so I decided to help others through my knowledge and workout experience and became a personal trainer. I’ve been doing it twelve years now.

Working out is only one half of maintaining good physical fitness, what is your diet like? You are absolutely right, you have to include diet in your workout regimen. I have five to six small meals, which I cook myself and I include protein, such as lean meat, egg whites, fish, and protein shakes. I also add some healthy carbs like rice, oatemal, and, of course, veggies.

How do you remain in such good physical shape and still remain curvy? I guess it’s mother nature and hard work, I’m blessed for my genetics, but also I work out really hard to put it on another level.

What advice do you give to those who are motivating themselves to get in shape? Love and respect yourself, be in the best physical condition, and others will love that about you and respect you! Healthy body is healthy mind!

Would you call yourself a strict personal trainer? I would say YES! I do have results with clients. I am an authoritative person, so my client always do what I say!

Most importantly, you are all about handling business, can you tell us about a few of your business ventures? It’s not risky, but hardest thing in my life I ever did is figure competition, it takes determination, focus, mental and physical power, and dedication.

When you are working out, what type of outfits do you typically wear? In the gym, I stick to fitness wear, tops and leggings. I like to see all my muscles while I am working out.

How do you feel about the pressure placed particularly upon women in the United States to have the “perfect figure?” I do kind of like the word “perfect,” because I like to stand out and set standards, but a lot of pressure is on women, nowdays. Where I am from, originally, is even more “runway model” type of girls, but I have realized, from my own experience, is that everybody loves fit, healthy, women and I would suggest to all woman that they do what they feel comfortable with it as long as they feel good, not necessarily try to “fit.”

See additional photos of Ceca below:

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