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Hottie of the Week: Chyna Diamond

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Chyna Diamond

Chyna DiamondBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

All roads point to Charlotte this week for the CIAA Weekend that is coming up and Hip Hop Vibe is in town putting it down. Charlotte has a vibrant scene and the people love coming to the city. In the spirit of CIAA and Charlotte, this week, we decided to feature someone prominent in the city.

Chyna Diamond is a native of Virginia, but she has been holding Charlotte down for some time. She is a dancer and has put on a show in several clubs over the past few years. Her modeling career has taken off and she is becoming a fixture on the entertainment scene.

This week, Hip Hop Vibe talked to Chyna Diamond for the Hottie of the Week segment. In her interview, Chyna Diamond discussed what makes her tick and what interests her. Chyna Diamond also spoke on some of the moves she is making with her career and those who happen to be in Charlotte this week may end up running into her.

Read the entire interview below:

Speaking with you, it seems that you have an extreme amount of confidence. Can you Tell us what gives Chyna Diamond her zest for life? Chyna Diamond is a outspoken person that’s like a diamond, which everybody knows that an authentic diamond can not be scratched. I been through ups and downs in my career as a model and a exotic dancer making ready to take over the industry with all the wisdom that I’ve picked up from working with different people. I’m also stubborn and very assertive because I know what I can bring to the table.

Can you tell us some of the accomplishments that you are proud of and what you would like to achieve in 2014? I’ve been on numerous websites, and in numerous artists videos that I was the lead lady in. I’m a five times published model and cover model for different magazines. In 2014, I hope to be in celebrity videos and be in popular mags like urban ink and Black Men’s Magazine!

If you could only have one piece of technology in your life everyday what would it be and why? My iPhone! That’s my lifeline (laughs) and with the iPhone I can stay connected to my fans on the social media!

What is the most interesting job you have had as a model so far? A body paint shoot. My whole body was painted as a tiger! I felt very powerful because a feline is not to be toyed with, so that gave me a sense in what direction I wanted the shoot to go in but not forgetting to be sexy and provocative.

Do you prefer dancing or modeling and which one pays better? Modeling, of course, but on a good night, dancing at clubs has helped me put down payments on cars and apartments (laughs) along with taking care of my babies and bills.

Can you fry chicken (laughs) and if you were a desert what would you be? Yeah, I can fry some chicken (laughs) and I would be a strawberry shortcake because I’m only 5’2 and everything is pink in the middle (laughs).

Why did you choose to go with the signature paw print tattoos? I actually was inspired from somebody I knew in the past and it’s different but turns out a lot of people have them.

How did you end up working with IBMM? King Davis was my manager and I was his first model so he introduced me to Dee Harris who is the person known for Ice Box photography. Both of them are owners of IBMM.

IBMM has some incredible models on the roster, what makes Chyna Diamond stand out from the rest? It’s all because I’m rebellious and spunky, which made King and Dee love me and hate me (laughs). I had my own look and ideas that other models wouldn’t do.

When getting freaky do you prefer lotion or oil? Neither, I can get wet enough for the occasion (laughs).

Can you tell us how to find you on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? By looking up the same thing Chyna Diamond! You can also Google my name but beware of the fake pages out there! These fakes have no shame (laughs)

See additional photos of Chyna Diamond below:

Chyna Diamond 2Chyna Diamond 3

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