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Hottie of the Week: Goldie Godiva

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Goldie Godiva

Goldie GodivaBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Beauty and fine art go hand in hand because there is no one that is just like another, aside from the fact that it is on display. With that being said, the world is filled with beautiful and attractive women that can captivate in various ways. Regardless of looks and gender, everyone has unexpected attributes and interests.

In the case of Goldie Godiva, she has a beautiful and unique look that has made her a popular figure. Her impact is being felt on the modeling industry and most can’t get enough of her look. Goldie’s background is impacted by the military, as she spent time growing up in Germany.

Goldie Godiva has learned from her background and she mastered the advantages it has given her. As a child, she collected comics and her love for the strips continues into her adulthood, as she has plenty to say about the topic, still. This week, Goldie Godiva talked to Hip Hop Vibe, discussing her love for comics, growing up in Germany, and much more.

Read the entire interview below:

What was it like growing up a military brat and living in Germany? I am very appreciative of my parents for taking that route to raise my brothers and I. My parents met while in the Army and had come from small impoverished communities with the goal of wanting to make a better future for themselves. I understand now why they were strict at times, children need that tough love to stay on task.

Of all the places I’ve lived I really do want to go back to Germany. They are very nice people and not only was it geographically beautiful but it also has so much incredible history. I’ve also experienced all the four corners of the United States and at the moment the Northwest is where my feet have been firmly planted for the last couple of years. Having to move every few years has its pros and cons.

It was exciting to see different places and live in new areas, but when it came time to move I would always get so depressed because I would have to leave all the friends I made. We also didn’t get to see relatives a lot since they all live back home in Tennessee and Louisiana, but thanks to social media, it has become so much easier to keep in contact with them and also find old friends (I’ve even found one of my good friends from Germany!)

So you use to collect comics I hear. What is your favorite comic of all time? I liked a lot of X-Men comics, but I remember collecting every single Sonic the Hedgehog comic issues with my older brother. We would even have extras of the same issues so we drew our own characters into the story line. As I got older, I became so enthralled with the Spawn series because of the art and his character. I do find myself liking a lot of darker and nontraditional “hero” characters and even villains.

Who’s sexier Catwoman or Wonderwoman and why? Catwoman hands down! What isn’t sexy about a woman running around in a skin-tight catsuit?

Since you are into anime and comics if you could have only one super power what would it be? There are so many great super powers out there like flying, time manipulation, superhuman strength and telepathy! To be honest, I would really want to possess the power to heal myself and others with the extent to cure diseases, cancers, disorders, and etc. Mental and medical health is so devastating to the world we live in. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 2, he would be the first person I would heal without any hesitation.

What are you currently in school for and do you plan on solely pursuing it as opposed to following a career in modeling? My career objective is always shifting back and forth from criminal justice to health care. I haven’t made the decision if I want to go further in nursing yet. I already hold a degree in criminal justice and I’m moving on to one in paralegal studies. Ultimately, I want my Master’s in Organizational Leadership and when it comes to modeling, I have found time to juggle both. I plan on pursuing modeling for as far as it will take me and as long as I keep having ideas I want to manifest!

Do you feel sexiest while posing with little to nothing on or while your dressed to impressed? Both! But, I do love outfits meant to entice or surprise others. I say dressing “normal” is just so boring. (laughs)

Are there any photographers or other models that you would like to work with? I want to work with so many amazing photographers and I am open to working with models as well. I really want to get down to Florida and California this year and work with some that have been out of my reach from the magnificent ones I have worked with so far up here in the northwest.

What was your first kiss like and do you ever think about your first crush or first love? It was awkward, I didn’t know what I was doing (laughs), but yes of course I do. Sometimes I just wonder where are they now and what sort of person they have become.

Where is the craziest place you have ever gotten busy at? A movie theater! (Laughs).

How can we find you on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? My Twitter and Instagram are both @goldiegodiva and I’m on Facebook at Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me!

See additional photos of Goldie Godiva below:

Goldie Godiva 2Goldie Godiva 3

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