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#ThirstTrapThursdays with Annie Cruz: Nelson Davis talks rising celebrity status, “2 O’Clock” movie role, “Misconstrued,” and more

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#ThirstTrapThursdays with Annie Cruz: Nelson Davis talks rising celebrity status, “2 O’Clock” movie role, “Misconstrued,” and more

nelson-davisBy Annie Cruz
Vivid Radio Host/Hip Hop Vibe Contributing Writer

Have you heard about actor/model Nelson Davis from Jacksonville, NC? You say you’re not sure. Well, you are going to be hearing a lot more about him not just because he’s sexy and hot but because he’s also cool, talented and constantly busy.


Nelson Davis is one of those hard-working bootstrap-type guys who has worked hard for his position. Not only is this guy starring in several indie films, he is also producing his own work. The future is definitely looking bright for Mr. Davis.

He plays one of the main characters in the hit web series, “Lovers’ Lane” and took some time out to talk to me about his new project, 2 O’Clock, in which he bares his very sweet backside. In between all of this exciting work, Nelson Davis took a pause for the cause to discuss

Read the entire interview below:

You are on your way to becoming a bit of an Internet sensation with your modeling and acting with thousands of followers. How does that feel? I am? (Laughs). Honestly, I am just thankful for each and every person that has decided to follow me on social media and care enough about me and my journey to follow me. It’s a great feeling.

Which do you enjoy most, modeling or acting? Honestly, I enjoy them both equally. I guess I just enjoy being in front of a lens, whether it be snapping or rolling (laughs). But, naw, I’d say acting. Modeling is a very very close second place.

So what is your next project? Tell us a little bit about it. My next project is a film titled 2 O’Clock. I’m pretty excited about it because it’s my first role playing a character based off of a character from a book. 2 O’Clock is a short story from a book titled Sexperience Volume 2, which is a collection of erotic short stories written by author Fletcher Brown, who also wrote the screenplay for 2 O’Clock. It’s directed by Marlin Goodwin and produced by Marlin’s production company Krucifix Productions. The film is a thriller, very sexy and edgy. I really think people are going to love it.

You mentioned 2 O’Clock is an EROTIC thriller. With this being an erotic film, should we be expecting any nudity from you in this film? Yes (laughs). There is some tasteful nudity from me in the film. Just some backside action though.

You bare your entire backside in the film? Was there any hesitation? That’s right! Several times in the film and no hesitation at all (laughs). I actually suggested it to the director. I mean it’s all about being comfortable in your own skin. I also believe it was needed to bring the story to life.

So did you do anything extra to prepare for this role? Should we be expecting buns of steel? (Laughs) I was already pretty fit, but I did work extra hard and was on a strict diet for about 8 weeks leading up to filming trying to reduce body fat and increase definition. As far as buns of steel, I did work extra hard on leg day so hopefully viewers will be pleased (laughs).

We know you model and act, but are there any other areas of the business you have done or want to do? I also have and enjoy writing, producing, and directing. I definitely would like to do more of all of those things. I really believe, to make it in this business, you have to create your own opportunities and your own lane. I think it’s necessary for me to do more writing, producing and directing in order for me to make it to where I want to be.

Wow you are pretty multi-talented. Are there any projects that you wrote, produced, or directed that we should look out for? There is a film titled Misconstrued that I co-wrote, executive produced and star in. The film was co-written with Davan Holt and directed by Jamar Alston. I’m pretty excited about that. Definitely, look for it coming soon. We currently have a trailer out as well as a behind the scenes look book on iTunes and Barnes and Noble. I have a few other projects in the works to be announced soon.

Where can we find you on social media? Nelson Davis on Facebook, @NelsonJDavis on Twitter, and @NelsonJDavis on Instagram.


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