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50 Cent clowns Gunplay over Tampa fight on Instagram [PHOTO]

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50 Cent clowns Gunplay over Tampa fight on Instagram [PHOTO]

Throughout his career, 50 Cent has been known for getting into beefs with his fellow rappers. Since he cleaned up his image, 50 Cent has become more known for his business moves. Back in 2011, 50 Cent amazingly made $8 million dollars in one day trading stocks.

50 Cent has recently been drug back into several beefs and Gunplay is at the top of his crap list. Last year, Maybach Music had an incredible year and Gunplay was the biggest breakout artist in the camp. At the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, Gunplay got jumped by 50 Cent’s artist, Mike Knox.

Gunplay recently got into a situation in Tampa, where he was reportedly knocked out in the club. A photo surfaced online of the beating and there was controversy in itself about that picture. None of that has anything to do with 50 Cent, who made a hilarious meme about the situation.

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